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International Seminars MAPFRE Global Risks

At MAPFRE Global Risks we are aware of the great importance that events has in the achievement of certain business objectives. For our company, they are a key point that allows us to publicize our position and services to other agents in the Energy, Maritime, Aviation and Space and Large Structures sectors.

The events we organize from MAPFRE Global Risks are characterized by applying innovative strategies, as well as public relations actions with high efficiency. It is the perfect opportunity to establish direct relationships with current and potential clients. Through personal meetings you can communicate and discuss the main issues that interest us as a leading global company in the risk management of multinational companies. The events are undoubtedly one more step in our firm orientation towards the client and the best way to translate our vocation to promote and be at the forefront in insurance solutions for the large company.


XXIX International Seminars Global Risks of MAPFRE


XXVIII International Seminars Global Risks of MAPFRE


XXVII International Seminars Global Risks of MAPFRE


XXVI International Seminars of Salamanca


XXV International Seminars Granada


XXIV Jornadas Internacionales Bilbao

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XXIII International Seminars Sevilla

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