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MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS offers various different products to companies around the world so that they can protect their business against energy-related losses. Through the dedicated work of a team of people with an excellent degree of specialization and with significant experience in the sector, it assesses the insurance needs of large national and international companies in terms of conventional electrical risks, risks related to renewables, and those associated with oil and gas.

The management of this type of risk is done by two teams: Electricity and Oil & Gas. We are leaders in the Spanish insurance market, being present in more than one hundred countries around the world. We also play a relevant role in insuring renewable onshore energy programs worldwide.

In this sense, and to meet our objectives, MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS follows an efficient claims management model based on total client orientation, dealing with each of the companies that trust us individually and in a very close manner, maintaining direct communication.

At MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, we take a keen interest in the progress that is made day-by-day in the business processes within the energy sector, so as to be able to provide our customers with the most innovative and demanding solutions in managing the most complex of risks. For this reason, we are members of the International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA), a worldwide network of experts in Engineering insurance.