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The information on the MAPFRE portal is designed to be accessible to everyone.

The MAPFRE portal has been created by following the accessibility guidelines of the W3C international consortium at its AA compliance level, making it easier for all users to browse the portal.

We are currently working on improving the overall accessibility of the portal, so as to cover all its sections and content, such as PDF documents. The sections, including the home page and subsections apart from popups, which on May 25, 2007 following the standard defined by W3C are the following:

  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Companies
  • About MAPFRE
  • Shareholders and Investors
  • Other MAPFRE Sites

Upon meeting the accessibility standards, the main benefits of the MAPFRE portal are:

  • Accessible functionality and navigation through the keyboard
  • Clarity in interpreting graphics
  • Printable version of all pages
  • Display of all content in different types of browsers, including those that do not support
  • JavaScript, plug-ins, etc.
  • Possibility of increasing or decreasing the text size (zoom) shown on screen by using two direct links (+A) and (-A) that are accessible at all times

Accessible functionality and navigation through the keyboard

Through using the tab you may be positioned in any item present in the various pages of the MAPFRE portal.
Once you are positioned above the selected item (links, buttons, etc.) upon clicking on the enter key, the same action as clicking the left mouse button will be executed.

Clarity in interpreting graphics

All graphics (images, banners, etc.) include a text description describing the information they contain.
This functionality makes it possible to correctly identify all the graphics with their contents.

Printable version on every page

In order to print the contents correctly, there are special links on all pages in the MAPFRE portal to print them properly.

Displaying content in different types of browsers

The pages of the MAPFRE portal are prepared to properly display if the user accesses the website through a browser that does not support CSS.
This way you do not need any special technology to properly view and browse the MAPFRE portal.

Increasing and decreasing the text size

By using two direct, available and accessible accesses from anywhere in the portal, you can increase or decrease the text size based on the user’s viewing needs.
This change in the text size is done without altering the correct layout and display of the contents on the MAPFRE portal.

Technology applied in developing the MAPFRE Portal

Compliance with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), at intermediate level (AA). Accessible Content Guidelines on Web 1.0