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Energy – Power

MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS is a specialist in covering the insurance needs of companies whose main activity is based in the Electricity sector. Thanks to a team of people specialized in this sector, we are currently leaders at a national level and with a great international presence.

There is a very high number of companies in the electricity sector whose losses due to a claim may cause great economic damage to the company at all levels. That is why it is essential to study and assess what the most important needs are in each case and what coverage the policy must have in order to meet the future needs of each company.

The policy that protects companies that generate, transport, and distribute Electricity includes, among others, the following insurance hedging:

Protection of individual power plants.

Coverage that protects the assets for transporting and distributing the electricity.

It is therefore also possible to cover large risks at an international level, to protect the activity of companies dedicated to obtaining profits related to Electricity.

MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS operates through objectives using an efficient management model that gives greater importance to total client orientation, in which each company is treated individually and reduces the number of partners as far as possible.

At MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, we take a keen interest in the progress that is made day-by-day in the business processes within the energy sector, so as to be able to provide our customers with the most innovative and demanding solutions in managing the most complex of risks. For this reason, at MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS we are members of the International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA), a worldwide network of engineering insurance experts.

At MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, we place great importance on responsible and sustainable business activity, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions to those sectors specializing in this current and future industrial area: renewable energy.

To enable us to carry this out and provide the most up-to-date resources to our customers, we have a large technical team, who are experts in the development and design of renewable energy projects and the operations that result from them. In this way, the particular needs and characteristics of our customers are guaranteed in a direct and comprehensive way.

In recent years, renewable energies, along with sustainable development and corporate responsibility, have become mandatory concerns for society, and of course also for business activity, becoming one of the main focuses of the industry.

During the life cycle and production of renewable energies, investors, operators, and workers are all exposed to a wide range of risks at all stages of the process and some elements may suffer industry-specific accidents. These include impairment of property, a breakdown of equipment or machinery, and even financial dangers, related to the demand for constant updating of technology and the incorporation of the latest studies and advances in the field of green energy.

As a result of this, the need arises for large companies and energy providers to ally themselves with the best comprehensive insurance solutions to respond responsibly and sustainably to the high demand of an industry that, although intermittently, continues to emerge strongly. As a result, it requires an effective and fast service in the face of the constant growth of the sector. These solutions must offer, in the form of insurance products, the best coverage against the risks of renewable energies, adjusting intrinsically and in detail to the project in question.

MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS offers customized insurance coverage adapted to companies specializing in green energy, based on the latest risk protection technology and as a result of an in-depth understanding of the most cutting-edge energy processes. It is precisely through care, innovation, and continuous contact with energy activities, that the Energy Division of MAPFRE has placed itself in a key position in the wind and photovoltaic energy sector.