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MAPFRE’S GLOBAL RISKS Damages Division offers insurance solutions to customers in any industrial sector, with a focus on those that are especially complex such as the chemical, steel, paper, or automotive industries. We are also specialists in insuring infrastructure, where civil works are the critical asset. The services sector, dominated by large logistics customers, hotel chains, and telephone operators, is also a focus of our attention, to whom we offer solutions adapted to each one’s particular business. Lastly, we complete our broad spectrum of insurance with the mining sector, which is underwritten with the utmost caution due to its high degree of vulnerability.

Our experience has led us to use a sophisticated underwriting process that lends meticulousness and strength to our long-term range of products, which result in multinational programs, allowing the use of captive insurance arrangements when customers need them, and with a strong footprint in MAPFRE’s home countries, that is, LatAm and Spain. However, our network also extends to collaborator and partner companies, to address needs practically anywhere in the world.

The Damages Division has a large team of underwriters with extensive experience and a flexible approach, which enables us to provide a degree of guidance to our customers in their various business sectors and geographical locations, so that the insurance solutions offered by the Damages Division are able to meet the needs of major global customers.