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Life, health and accidents

Group insurance for employees is almost exclusively that related to life and health

For local groups, hedging is usually marked by collective legislation or agreement, both with regard to the death of an employee and to a health protection. This implies that a deep knowledge of the local reality is necessary, both in terms of coverage to be granted and risk management. This is why MAPFRE´s GLOBAL Employee Benefit Programs are designed from local programs, with the participation of insurer experts in each country.

MAPFRE Global Risks offers a variety of hedging adapted to the needs of each group, the following being the most common:

Pure risk:
- Main Coverage: Death by any cause
- Complementary coverage: Permanent Disability (Severe Disability, Absolute for all work, Total professional)
- Additional Coverage for accidents: double capital, Healthcare Expenses...
- Other Complementary Coverage: First-aid, Advances, Assistance...
Mixed Policies (only the Risk section)
24-hour coverage
Professional coverage
Healthcare assistance
Reimbursement of Healthcare Expenses
Indemnification for Serious Illnesses

For these insurances, MAPFRE Global Risks offers the following solutions:

  • Coordinated offer: local contracts that are offered in a coordinated manner in several countries with centralized management for the customer (usually from the Human Resources, People, or equivalent department) and coordinated account management by MAPFRE Global Risks.
  • Internal Pool: as above, but incorporating the payment of interests in associated undertakings in results to the parent company based on the results of all participating countries.
  • Captive operation: incorporating the reinsurance cession to a reinsurance company that is part of the business group being insured.