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Energy – Oil & Gas

Through a highly specialized team of people with extensive experience in the sector, the Energy Division comprehensively addresses the insurance needs of companies whose main activity revolves around the Oil & Gas sector.

At MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS we are leaders in offering global insurance solutions to large companies in the oil sector. Our main challenge is to efficiently manage the global corporate risks of companies whose main activity is focused on the Oil & Gas sector. At MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS we care about the impact of their activities, we collaborate for sustainable development, anticipating and controlling the safety and environmental risks to which these types of activities are exposed.

At MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS we are committed to proactivity and the construction of innovative solutions with the aim of maximizing the value of your projects. Our multinational team is made up of professional experts who dominate the economic sectors they develop to ensure that all our Oil & Gas products and services adapt to your real needs, with extensive knowledge and sensitivity of the industry.

Our insurance experience allows us to meet the risks derived from the activities carried out in the Downstream and Midstream sectors, providing a solution to protect against the risks, such as:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Storage plants
  • Oil Pipelines / Gas Pipelines
  • Liquefaction plants
  • Regasification plants
  • Biofuel Plants

We are aware of the complexity of the global processes required by the Oil & Gas industry: This is why our organizational and networking structure is designed with a single Underwriting and Claims team, fully specialized and with a solid technical criteria, responsible for assessing risks, exposure to catastrophe, or asset valuation, also taking into account the legal framework of each country, so as to offer the best global insurance solution at all times.

Thanks to the business structure we have available, we provide a streamlined and flexible response to all your needs as well as maintaining constant communication with our customers. This allows us to connect all the professional and technical resources of the Oil and Gas industry, and the energy industry in general, to offer comprehensive risk management solutions.

At MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, we take a keen interest in the progress that is made day-by-day in the business processes within the energy sector, so as to be able to provide our customers with the most innovative and demanding solutions in managing the most complex of risks. For this reason, at MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS we are members of the International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA), a worldwide network of engineering insurance experts.