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At MAPFRE Global Risks we are able to offer, in more 100 countries, direct insurance solutions in the specific risks of the construction field with a broad specialization in the design, implementation and management in International Programs, offering bespoke solutions for each customer. We have a relevant presence in the programs of large Spanish construction companies, and have qualified underwriting teams in those countries where the MAPFRE operates.
The construction division is aimed at he sectors whose main activity is centered around construction and public works projets, infrastructure, environment and energy. Ar MAPFRE Global Risks we know that a construction project has certain particularities that differentiate it from the “traditional” property risks inherent to the work itself.
We assure all types of risks in any situation through a wide range of products and services designed to meet the specific needs our customers. From the construction division we offer insurance solutions for both he assets oft the work itself and the pre-existing assets and the equipment and construction machinery.
MAPFRE Global Risks responds to the needs of large industrial companies to comply with country-specific laws and regulations, offering warranties, commitment and confidence in each of the phases of the construction process. Insurance solutions to meet the specific requirements of each construction activity: conventional risks due to fire, natural phenomena, maintenance, anticipated loss of profits, etc. The most comprehensive coverage so that no unforeseen event will slow down our customer´s activity.
With extensive knowledge of the current construction situation, and its is different markets, MAPFRE Global Risks has a group of experts, continuosly trained in the management of global insurance programs at a national and international level. Their work is not limited to providing protections, but they also go there and provide global solutions in global risk management.
The management of the risks associated with construction requires great flexibility and sufficient care that is different for each case, since not all business activities are the same. Thus, our construction division has extensive experience in the risks derived from the following types of works: civil works (roads, railways, metros, airports, canals, etc); energy generation (wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic, etc); water treatments plants (purifying and desalting); concessions of civil works in operation, hospitals or universities, etc. MAPFRE Global Risks is a member of the International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA), a network of Engineering insurance experts worldwide.