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In MAPFRE Global Risks we can offer direct insurance solutions for construction operations in over 100 countries worldwide with specialization in the design, implementation and handling of International Programmes that are tailor made for each of our clients. We have a strong presence in the large Spanish contractors’ programmes and we have qualified underwriting teams in those countries where MAPFRE operates.

Our Construction Business Area is directed at those sectors whose main activity is the construction of buildings and public works, as well as property development, concessions, infrastructures, environment and energy projects. In MAPFRE Global Risks we are aware of the fact that a construction project can have certain peculiarities inherent to the actual works that differentiate it from “traditional” property risks.

We insure all types of risks in any location through a wide range of products and services that are tailor made for the specific needs of our clients. In the Construction Business Area we offer insurance solutions to cover the works themselves, pre-existing property and construction machinery and equipment.

MAPFRE Global Risks provides answers for large industrial corporations in response to complying with the laws and regulations that are specific to each country. We offer guarantees, commitment and confidence in each of the stages of the construction process and insurance solutions in answer to the specific requisites of every construction activity; cover for fire, natural phenomena, landslip and landslide, errors is design or execution, maintenance, advanced loss of profits, etc. We offer comprehensive coverage to prevent any unforeseen contingency from disrupting our clients´ activities.

With our broad knowledge of the current situation in the construction industry, and its different markets, MAPFRE Global Risks has a team of experts, constantly trained in the management of global insurance programmes on a national and international level who, not only work on providing protections, but also offer global solutions in global risk management.

We offer covers for claims that can arise during inspection or repair at handover, during the construction period, prior to manufacture or during the design and equipment manufacture stages.

The handling of the risks associated with construction needs flexibility and the appropriate attention which is different in each case, since not all business activities are the same. Our construction team has wide experience obtained the following types of construction businesses: civil works (highways, railways, metros, airports, canals, etc), generation of energy (wind, thermal, hydro, etc.), water treatment plants (sewage treatment and desalination plants), civil works concessions under development, hospitals or universities and property development.