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Risk Engineering

The Engineering Department of MAPFRE Global Risks has been carrying out essential work to insure global risks at MAPFRE, analyzing their quality so that the Underwriting Department can make business decisions.

The risk knowledge our engineers acquire in visits, and in analyzing processes, policies, and conditions of a company’s security, provide, in short, great value for the business. This knowledge is shared with the customer, providing them with guidelines for improvement and best practices in risk management for their activity, sharing valuable information with them. These two vectors represent a win-win for the customer and our company.

We provide the business with an extensive catalog of products and services that incorporates those that we believe
add more value to our Global Risks customers.

The catalog comprises four blocks:

    • The first is focused on risk control and centered on the role of the account engineer.
    • The second block, relating to culture and training, focuses on knowledge transfer, aimed at boosting the risk management culture of our insured parties.
    • A third block aims at services that reinforce risk management in the insured party.
    • The catalog is completed with a fourth block related to an index of approved providers.

Engineering services catalog for insured clients MAPFRE Global Risks PDF (12 MB)