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In this cathegory are included:



In this cathegory are included companies of the following sectors:

  •  Aviation and Space: Risks related to commercial aviation, general aviation, executive aviation, manufacturers of aviation components, airport operators, service providers within the airport, aircraft maintenance companies, and space and satellite risks.
  • Maritime: Risks related to navigating, building, and repairing ships. P&I risks and risks related to fishing boats, leisure vessels, and vessels restricted to navigating inland waterways or ports are not covered by the GR scope.
  • Energy: Risks related to the oil and gas and electricity sectors: Nuclear energy and integrated companies (power generation and distribution) or generation plants with individual installed capacity in excess of 100 MW. In the case of renewable energy operations fulfilling the requirements set out in the MAPFRE Global Risks Renewable Energy product, available in various countries, no installed minimum capacity will be required.
  • Construction and major infrastructure: All risks located outside Spain that are under construction and have a construction cost in excess of USD 100 million, or EUR 500 million for projects in Spain, will be considered to belong to the global construction sector. Moreover, all transport, energy and water infrastructure, as well as any other infrastructure requiring completed civil engineering risk hedging are considered to belong to this major global infrastructure sector when they include insured assets of an amount exceeding USD 100 million.
  • Mining: Open-pit and underground extraction of metallic minerals (copper, gold, silver, bauxite, iron, etc.), non-metallic minerals (clay, quartz, granite, marble, etc.), or energy sources. Additionally, the activity carried out in processing plants after extraction is also considered mining (crushing, concentration, etc.).


These would be local companies or business groups with annual turnover (annual business volume) exceeding the limits established by MAPFRE Global Risks, adapted to the particularities and needs of each country.