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Access the latest studies and reports prepared by the MAPFRE Studies Service and a selection of documents on the extensive repository of the Fundación MAPFRE Documentation Center.


Aims to promote and contribute to general economic debate, as well as discussions related to the financial system, the insurance sector, and the framework for prudential regulations to which these activities are subject MAPFRE Economic Research

His analysis and research work is focused on topics related to insurance and complementary social security, macroeconomic and financial variables and regulatory frameworks.

We put at your disposal a selection of publications of the MAPFRE Studies Service.

Panorama económico y sectorial 2018: perspectivas hacia el tercer trimestre

La actividad global es cada vez menos sincrónica, más frágil y dependiente de los estímulos de EEUU.

*Only available in spanish

2017 Ranking of Insurance Groups in Latin America

This new edition for 2017 maintains, as in its previous versions, the criterion of analysis by volume of premiums.

*Available in both languages

Expansión de los Seguros en América Latina

Elements for the insurance expansion in Latin America



An analysis of the placement of insurance industry investment in selected markets



Global growth has maintained its momentum during the first quarter of 2018, ratifying a growth forecast very similar to that achieved during 2017.


Insurance Solvency Regulation Systems December2017

An analysis of progress toward risk´-based regulations



According to United Nations (UN) estimates, life expectancy at birth of the global population has grown steadily inrecent decades.


The Spanish Insurance Market in 2017

During the course of 2017, global economic growth gained pace across the board in both emerging and developed markets


The Latin American Insurance Market in 2017.

The main objective to offer an analysis of the performance of the insurance industry in Latin America in the year 2017, including also an analysis of its evolution in the 2007-2017 period.


Economic and sector panorama 2018: perspectives towards the fourth quarter

Several factors seem to crystallize the signals sighted since the beginning of the year that announced the change of cycle in the global economy led by the economy of the United States.



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The Global risks report 2018 / World Economic Forum Geneva : World Economic Forum, cop. 2018

The report published annually since 2006 by the World Economic Forum. Describes the evolution and changes of global risks and the interrelation between them

*Only available in english

Country and sector risks handbook 2018 : analysis and forecast for 160 countries and 13 sectors. 

Risk analysis for decision making in 160 countries, assessing the business environment and the risks of 13 economic sectors.

*Only available in english

Plan estratégico para el desarrollo del sector civil de los drones en España 2018-2021.

This Plan establishes the roadmap to promote the development of an incipient sector, with a high potential for growth.

*Only available in Spanish

Drones : uso en las aseguradoras y su aseguramiento. Madrid : Wilmington INESE, 2018

After an introduction to know what are drones and their multiple uses, the study offers a few brushstrokes with the experiences with drones from other countries in our environment.

*Available in both languages

Political risk map 2018 : tensions and turbulence ahead. London[etc.] : Marsh, 2018

The Political Risk Map of Marsh 2018 highlights the changes during the last 12 months and analyzes the possible risks of a near future.

*Only available in english

Latin America, opportunities inside and outside of the region

Revisions of country risk rating and sector risk, corresponding to the first quarter of 2018.

*Only available in Spanish

The Top 100 Insurtech Firms 2018 – Harry Clarke

In partnership with Tällt Ventures, the ranking has been published by those companies that have the greatest potential to influence, change or disturb the global market.

*Only available in english

Drones, un horizonte de oportunidades

Las aeronaves no tripuladas, conocidas como drones, pueden ser implementadas en multitud de sectores como auditorías medioambientales, logística indoor, tráfico, construcción o seguros, entre otros…

*Only available in spanish

Risk appetite gains momentum in a changing world : 2017-2018 global reinsurance and risk appetite survey report 

London : Willis Re, 2018

How does risk appetite helps insurance companies to take better decissions about the reinsurance´s needs? How efficiently are the companies using the business risks management to improve the business performance? Which emergent risk is most important?

*Only available in english

The Stakeholder Landscape in extreme events and climate risks management

The Geneva Association 2017

The threat of large-scale natural disasters and climate is growing across the world, leaving nations increasingly exposed to a myriad of risks.

*Only avilable in inglés

An Integrated approach to managing extreme events and climate risk

Authors: Maryan Golnaragh, Swenja Surminski, Kal-Uwe Schanz

Zurich: The Geneva Association, 2017

Insights about causes and effects of the rising economic risks resulting from extreme events and climate change and the growing portection gap

*Only available in english

The Trade system and climate action : ways forward under the Paris Agreement: working paper. Susanne Droege

London, Climate Strategies, 2016-2018

Four work packages: climate trade interactions, border carbon adjustments, fossil fuel subsidies and future options for adjusting trade rules and practices to promote climate protection.

*Only available in english

Reinsurance market report: results for half-year 2018

London: Willis Re, 2018

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the size and performance of the reinsurance industry, based on the Willis Reinsurance Index group of companies.

*Only available in english

Argentine reinsurance market 30th June 2018

Insurance market. Buenos Aires. – Edition 450 – july 2018. p. 42-57

Overview of the Argentine reinsurance market, its evolution and that of local or admitted authorized reinsurers.

*Only available in spanish

Robots industriales colaborativos: una nueva forma de trabajo

Seguridad y salud en el trabajo. – Madrid : INSHT.- Número 95 – julio 2018 , p. 6-10

The use of robots in production processes has a long history in the industrial world, but today we have to talk about a new concept of robotics: collaborative robotics. Thus, we find a new way of working with robots in which robots and people work hand in hand in the same space, without there being physical barriers between them.

*Only available in spanish

Global Insurance market index: second quarter 2018

The Marsh Global Markets Insurance Index is a patented measure of the change in the prices of commercial insurance premiums at the time of renewal, which represents the world’s leading insurance markets and comprises 90% of the Marsh premium. The index provide a quarterly view of changes in the market.

*Only available in ensglish

Guide to reducing the flood risk to buildings

Flooding is the natural hazard that causes the greatest economic damage and loss of human life in Spain. Directive 2007/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council requires Member States to draft, approve and implement flood risk management plans (FRMPs).

*Only available in Spanish