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Reports and documents of the sector

Access the latest studies and reports prepared by the MAPFRE Studies Service and a selection of documents on the extensive repository of the Fundación MAPFRE Documentation Center. 


MAPFRE Economic research

Aims to promote and contribute to general economic debate, as well as discussions related to the financial system, the insurance sector, and the framework for prudential regulations to which these activities are subject MAPFRE Economic Research

His analysis and research work is focused on topics related to insurance and complementary social security, macroeconomic and financial variables and regulatory frameworks.

We put at your disposal a selection of publications of the MAPFRE Studies Service.

centro documentacion fundacion mapfre

Documentation Center

The Fundación MAPFRE Documentation Center is an information service that specializes in matters related to insurance, risk management and social protection. The Web Catalog, which contains more than 150,000 documents, is a digital support tool to search and find information: articles from specialized international reviews, reports, research studies, laws and rankings, including all Fundación MAPFRE publications. Access the  Web Catalog and in the case you cannot directly access and / or want to make another inquiry, you can contact the MAPFRE Documentation Center via email centrodocumentacion@fundacionmapfre.org

informe panorama 2020
Economic and Industry Outlook 2020: Second Quarter Perspectives

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has radically altered the prospects for world growth and insurance markets. The contagion process, together with the imposed suppression measures, produces demand, supply and financial effects that will cause a global recession of close to -3% of GDP in the best of cases, with the Eurozone as the region where the effect may be greater and Latin America where the risk of becoming a depression is more relevant given its vulnerabilities. In our base scenario, however, the measures taken, and the nature of the virus will give way to a recovery during 2021 that we also expect will translate into consumption and demand for financial services in general.

*Only available in Spanish

Coronavirus: a response framework for advanced industries companies / Thomas Baumgartner

As the coronavirus causes global challenges for healthcare systems and economies, companies in advanced industries are seeking strategies in the face of the difficult and changing situation.

*Available in English

COVID-19 and its impact and prospects for insurance

Measures for immediate action by the Insurance Sector, current state of the Insurance Business, impact of the economy on the insured sector (investments, purchases, mergers and acquisitions), assessment of the economic impact and some lessons for the future.

*Available in Spanish

informe panorama 2019
2019 Economic and Sectoral Outlook: Prospects for the Fourth Quarter

We are facing a situation in which factors such as the trade war and other crises are weighing on economies around the world, creating a situation in which any additional shock may tilt the scale toward recession, although this is not a situation yet considered in the baseline scenario considered by the report. This is a situation of global vulnerability in which, despite not being a central trend, the possibility of recession is growing steadily, while the instruments to address it grow increasingly limited and their social and economic consequences more uncertain.

*Available in Spanish

SISBRICK: The Solution for Mitigating Seismic Damage to Buildings Luis Pallarés Rubio and Francisco J. Pallarés Rubio

The breakthrough of new modeling techniques adapted to and associated with the great increase in computers’ processing power are making it possible to adopt and implement machine learning algorithms to solve many business problems with greater efficiency and success than with previous techniques. Their application offers a wide range of possibilities that facilitate problem resolution, thereby allowing new solutions to be addressed to create a model in which data capture, transformation, and use drive strategic business decisions from the highest level.

*Available in Spanish

El Mercado Asegurador Latinoamericano en 2018

This report covers the main indicators and trends in Latin American insurance markets in 2018, reviewing issues such as premium growth, the items regarding the sector’s consolidated balance sheet, technical provisions, investment, technical performance, and results and profitability. The report also includes a review of the main structural trends underlying the growth of insurance company activity, such as penetration, density and depth, as well as an estimate of the Insurance Protection Gap and the Market Evolution Index for each of the countries analyzed.

PDF (5 MB)

El Mercado Asegurador Latinoamericano en 2018

The report seeks to provide an overview of the performance of the Spanish insurance sector in 2018, addressing its structure and concentration, as well as reviewing the performance of its most relevant business lines.

PDF (2 MB)

Practical Guide to Machine Learning

The breakthrough of new modeling techniques adapted to and associated with the great increase in computers’ processing power are making it possible to adopt and implement machine learning algorithms to solve many business problems with greater efficiency and success than with previous techniques. Their application offers a wide range of possibilities that facilitate problem resolution, thereby allowing new solutions to be addressed to create a model in which data capture, transformation, and use drive strategic business decisions from the highest level.

*Available in Spanish

Ranking of the largest Latin America insurance groups 2018

This ranking classifies the largest groups that operate in the insurance market in Latin America by volume of premiums, considering the total market, as well as the Life and Non-Life segments.

PDF (2 MB)

el sector-marítimo
The Maritime Sector as it Navigates the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Carlos Mantecas Alonso

The world of maritime logistics and transport is no stranger to this technological revolution. The big players in the sector are already making large investments to be the first to arrive. Recently we saw how Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, and ONE created an alliance so they could coordinate and standardize all the advances in digitalization that each is implementing separately. In a matter of years we will see container terminals operating in a similar way to Alibaba or Amazon warehouses: robots that move containers, without the need for human intervention, except to supervise work or resolve incidents.

*Available in Spanish

ranking aseguradores europeos 2018
Ranking of the largest European insurance groups 2018

The MAPFRE Research Department has published its report providing information on the size of premiums, balance, results and solvency situation.

PDF (4 MB)

Advancing renewables in the power sector and beyond
Abu Dabi: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), 2019

The new round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) from 2020 represents an important opportunity to strengthen renewable energy targets. This report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), released at the COP25 global climate change conference in late 2019, highlights the opportunity to address the climate threat, decarbonize energy use, and simultaneously achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

*Available in English


Índice Global de Potencial Asegurador

Economic Research presents the MAPFRE GIP INDEX, the first global indicator that will measure the insurance potential of the world’s different markets.

PDF (2 MB)

Panorama económico y sectorial 2018: perspectivas hacia el segundo trimestre

Global growth has maintained its momentum during the first quarter of 2018, ratifying a growth forecast very similar to that achieved during 2017.

*Only available in spanish

ranking-of-insurance-groups 2017
2017 Ranking of Insurance Groups in Latin America

This new edition for 2017 maintains, as in its previous versions, the criterion of analysis by volume of premiums.

*Available in both languages

Country Report: South America
Madrid: Crédito y Caución, 2019

Analysis of the different socio-economic situations with statistics for Latin American countries and forecasts on economic growth.

*Available in English

Expansión de los Seguros en América Latina

Elements for the insurance expansion in Latin America

PDF (7 MB)

Uncertain Times for Latin America’s Second Largest Economy
Oldwick, NJ: A.M. Best Company, 2019

Economic growth in Mexico in 2018 remained strong despite political and economic uncertainty. The International Monetary Fund calculates a 2% growth in GDP for 2018 and is projecting 1.6% growth for 2019 and 1.9% growth for 2020. Mexico has benefited from a favorable economic environment in the US, its main economic partner, and strong internal demand. Nevertheless, the country is facing possible headwinds which may affect growth

*Available in English

inversiones sector asegurador mayo2018
Insurance Industry Investment

An analysis of the placement of insurance industry investment in selected markets

PDF (6 MB)

Digital Initiatives in the Insurance Industry
Madrid: INESE Data, 2019

This study compiles the information published on digital initiatives that insurance companies and intermediaries have launched in recent years: chatbots, apps, appointments by video, online claims management, automation of internal processes, etc.

*Available in Spanish

Insurance Solvency Regulation Systems December2017

An analysis of progress toward risk´-based regulations

PDF (3 MB)

sistemas de pensiones diciembre2017
Pensions sistem

According to United Nations (UN) estimates, life expectancy at birth of the global population has grown steadily inrecent decades.

PDF (5 MB)

informe españa 20172206 2018
The Spanish Insurance Market in 2017

During the course of 2017, global economic growth gained pace across the board in both emerging and developed markets

PDF (4 MB)

The Turkish Insurance Industry Annual Report 2017

The most important factor in Turkey’s performance is that it achieved impressive economic development in the first decade of the 21st century, according to the World Bank. Macroeconomic and fiscal stability created jobs and positioned the country among upper-middle income countries. Poverty was reduced by half in the period from 2002 to 2015, urbanization accelerated, the country opened up to international trade and finance, and many regulations were made compatible with the European Union’s body of legislation.

*Available in English

mercado asegurador latinoamericano 2017
The Latin American Insurance Market in 2017.

The main objective to offer an analysis of the performance of the insurance industry in Latin America in the year 2017, including also an analysis of its evolution in the 2007-2017 period.

PDF (7 MB)

indice global potencial asegurador
Global Insurance Potential Index – MAPFRE GIP 2019

This report shows the updated MAPFRE GIP (Global Insurance Potential Index) for 96 insurance markets, both developed and emerging. The index was originally provided in 2018, based on analysis of economic and demographic factors used to determine the Insurance Protection Gap, as well as the measurement of the ability to close the insurance gap in each market (speed of convergence of penetration levels and density of developed markets). It measures this potential based, on the one hand, on the countries’ capacities to create an insurance gap, and on the other hand, to materialize that capacity in effective growth in the insurance market.

*Available in English

Economic and sector panorama 2018: perspectives towards the fourth quarter

Several factors seem to crystallize the signals sighted since the beginning of the year that announced the change of cycle in the global economy led by the economy of the United States.

PDF (6 MB)

Economic and sector panorama 2019

The report emphasizes the fact that the close of 2019 marks the beginning of a gradual slowdown that had been anticipated since the end of 2017.

PDF (3 MB)

Insurtech White Book: The Spanish Insurtech Industry and its Regulatory Framework Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends that will Impact the Future of the Industry
Madrid, Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association (AEFI), 2019

This white book aims to provide more details about the insurtech industry in Spain and the regulatory obstacles being faced and recommend proposals for change that would lead to better industry regulation and incentivize the industry’s growth and understanding by the supervisory authorities while guaranteeing protection of the users of these services.

*Only available in Spanish

Securing smart factories: threats to manufacturing environments in the era of industry 4.0
Tokyo : Trend Micro, 2019

With this guide, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce aims to support small, medium, and large Brazilian companies that wish to internationalize by providing information about the specific features of Spanish legislation and providing an illustration of the macroeconomic and geographic structures of Spain, which is widely considered worldwide to be one of the most appealing countries for direct foreign investment.

*Only available in English

Como fazer negócios na Espanha (How to Do Business in Spain). São Paulo: Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, 2019

With this guide, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce aims to support small, medium, and large Brazilian companies that wish to internationalize by providing information about the specific features of Spanish legislation and providing an illustration of the macroeconomic and geographic structures of Spain, which is widely considered worldwide to be one of the most appealing countries for direct foreign investment.

*Available in spanish and portuguese

Transportation Insurance. 2018 Data. Madrid: ICEA, 2019

Statistical data and 2018 rankings from the Spanish insurance market operating in transportation insurance: maritime insurance (hull insurance: merchant vessel insurance, fishing vessel insurance, recreational vessel insurance; maritime liability insurance), aviation insurance and freight insurance.

*Only available in spanish

Top 10 emerging technologies 2019. Geneva: World Economic Forum, 2019

The technological innovations that are expected to have a radical impact on social order and global economics.

*Only available in english

strategic risks finance
Strategic risk finance in the era of Big Data. New York: Marsh & McLennan, 2019

Risk management executives currently operate in two key areas: capital and data. The goal is to effectively combine the data and risk modeling tools. This enables organizations to better understand changes in their profiles and ability to assume risks, which allows them to access the opportunities that arise with increasing levels of capital available to finance risk, leading to a more resistant financial strategy and organization.

*Only available in english

Insurtech 10: trends for 2019. Amstelveen [etc.]: KPMG International, 2019

This report examines the macro trends influencing the adoption and implementation of Insurtech on the insurance market as a whole.

*Only available in english

European Industries Outlook. London: Fitch Solutions, 2019

European industries outlook considering the slowing of economic growth, and labor market risks, key political risks in 2019, and risk scenarios.

*Only available in english

Construction: project insight and country forecasts. London: GlobalData, 2019

Global construction outlook to 2022: Q3 2018 update and construction in Spain key trends and opportunities to 2022. Case study: project insight: global airport construction projects

*Only available in english

Cyber insurers are profitable today, but wary of tomorrow’s risks. New Jersey: A.M. Best Company, 2019

The growing number of cyberattacks on both corporations and municipalities underscores the need for cyber insurance. Figures: US P/C

Top 20 Cyber Insurers

*Only available in english

Winds of Change: Risk Management in the Digital World
Madrid: KPMG, 2019

Technology, if it is well parametrized, allows for consolidated risk management practically in real time, which leads to the possibility of reacting more agilely and adding more value to business. Techniques such as big data analytics, machine learning, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, which are already being used by some companies and even supervisors, allow us to analyze massive amounts of data to manage risks faster, more precisely, and more predictively.

*Only available in spanish

iniciativas digitales
Digital Initiatives in the Insurance Industry. Madrid: INESE Data, 2019

This study includes information published on digital initiatives that insurance companies and intermediaries have undertaken in recent years (through March 2019): chatbots, apps, video queries, online claims management, internal process automation, etc.

*Only available in spanish

the ethics of artificial intelligence
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
New York: McKinsey & Company, 2019

Simon London talks with McKinsey Global Institute partner Michael Chui and Chris Wigley about the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and how executives can participate more reflexively in the use of AI and its possible repercussions.

*Only available in english

Compendium – Technical properties of soils and suitable foundations for them. [s.a.]
Madrid : MAPFRE RE, [s.a.]

The foundation can generally be defined as the combination of elements of any building whose purpose is to transfer the load arising from the building to the ground that supports it. A foundation that is inappropriate for the type of soil, or poorly designed or calculated means that the building itself as well as the adjacent properties may sustain differential settlement with the resulting damage, and could even result in the collapse of the building.

*Only available in spanish

Private financing of infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean: Chile, Peru, and Uruguay as case studies. Tomás Serebrisky… [et al.]
Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, 2017

ALC has made a significant effort to increase private investment in infrastructure. Nonetheless, private financing has still not been able to offset public investment, and needs to attract more private capital and new private players need to be identified.

*Only available in spanish

global-risks-report 2018
The Global risks report 2018 / World Economic Forum Geneva : World Economic Forum, cop. 2018

The report published annually since 2006 by the World Economic Forum. Describes the evolution and changes of global risks and the interrelation between them

*Only available in english PDF (8 MB)

country and sector risks 2018
Country and sector risks handbook 2018 : analysis and forecast for 160 countries and 13 sectors.

Risk analysis for decision making in 160 countries, assessing the business environment and the risks of 13 economic sectors.

*Only available in english PDF (5 MB)

plan estrategico 2018-21
Plan estratégico para el desarrollo del sector civil de los drones en España 2018-2021.

This Plan establishes the roadmap to promote the development of an incipient sector, with a high potential for growth.

*Only available in Spanish PDF (9 MB)

Drones : uso en las aseguradoras y su aseguramiento. Madrid : Wilmington INESE, 2018

After an introduction to know what are drones and their multiple uses, the study offers a few brushstrokes with the experiences with drones from other countries in our environment.

*Available in both languages PDF (3 MB)

political risks map 2018
Political risk map 2018 : tensions and turbulence ahead. London[etc.] : Marsh, 2018

The Political Risk Map of Marsh 2018 highlights the changes during the last 12 months and analyzes the possible risks of a near future.

*Only available in english PDF (7 MB)

latinoamerica oportunidades
Latin America, opportunities inside and outside of the region

Revisions of country risk rating and sector risk, corresponding to the first quarter of 2018.

*Only available in Spanish

top insurtech firms 2018
The Top 100 Insurtech Firms 2018 – Harry Clarke

In partnership with Tällt Ventures, the ranking has been published by those companies that have the greatest potential to influence, change or disturb the global market.

*Only available in english

world insurance report 2048
World Insurance Report 2048 – Capgemini

The state of the Industry

*Only available in english PDF (3 MB)

Drones, un horizonte de oportunidades

Las aeronaves no tripuladas, conocidas como drones, pueden ser implementadas en multitud de sectores como auditorías medioambientales, logística indoor, tráfico, construcción o seguros, entre otros…

*Only available in spanish

Risk appetite gains momentum in a changing world : 2017-2018 global reinsurance and risk appetite survey report
London : Willis Re, 2018

How does risk appetite helps insurance companies to take better decissions about the reinsurance´s needs? How efficiently are the companies using the business risks management to improve the business performance? Which emergent risk is most important?

*Only available in english

the stakeholder landscape
The Stakeholder Landscape in extreme events and climate risks management
The Geneva Association 2017

The threat of large-scale natural disasters and climate is growing across the world, leaving nations increasingly exposed to a myriad of risks.

*Only available in english PDF (3 MB)

An Integrated approach to managing extreme events and climate risk
Authors: Maryan Golnaragh, Swenja Surminski, Kal-Uwe Schanz

Zurich: The Geneva Association, 2017

Insights about causes and effects of the rising economic risks resulting from extreme events and climate change and the growing portection gap

*Only available in english

The Trade system and climate action : ways forward under the Paris Agreement: working paper. Susanne Droege
London, Climate Strategies, 2016-2018

Four work packages: climate trade interactions, border carbon adjustments, fossil fuel subsidies and future options for adjusting trade rules and practices to promote climate protection.

*Only available in english

Reinsurance market report: results for half-year 2018
London: Willis Re, 2018

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the size and performance of the reinsurance industry, based on the Willis Reinsurance Index group of companies.

*Only available in english

Argentine reinsurance market 30th June 2018
Insurance market. Buenos Aires. – Edition 450 – july 2018. p. 42-57

Overview of the Argentine reinsurance market, its evolution and that of local or admitted authorized reinsurers.

*Only available in spanish

Robots industriales colaborativos: una nueva forma de trabajo
Seguridad y salud en el trabajo. – Madrid : INSHT.- Número 95 – julio 2018 , p. 6-10

The use of robots in production processes has a long history in the industrial world, but today we have to talk about a new concept of robotics: collaborative robotics. Thus, we find a new way of working with robots in which robots and people work hand in hand in the same space, without there being physical barriers between them.

*Only available in spanish

Global Insurance market index: second quarter 2018

The Marsh Global Markets Insurance Index is a patented measure of the change in the prices of commercial insurance premiums at the time of renewal, which represents the world’s leading insurance markets and comprises 90% of the Marsh premium. The index provide a quarterly view of changes in the market.

*Only available in english

Guide to reducing the flood risk to buildings
Madrid, Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros 2017

Flooding is the natural hazard that causes the greatest economic damage and loss of human life in Spain. Directive 2007/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council requires Member States to draft, approve and implement flood risk management plans (FRMPs).

*Only available in Spanish

Comprehensive Earthquake Line Management Plan: A tool for managing catastrophic risk in the insurance industry. David Contreras
Fasecolda Journal. – Bogota: Union of Colombian Insurance Companies. Issue 170, 2018; pp. 48-51

The Comprehensive Earthquake Management Plan establishes a series of best practices that enable the insurance industry itself to manage this catastrophic risk. More than a requirement, it is an opportunity for companies to make a better estimate of their risks.

*Only available in Spanish

Latin America regulatory update
Miami, Insurance Professionals Miami, 2018

2017 was a good year for the Latin American market, not just due to the solvency it demonstrated following the natural disasters that occurred and its ability to respond to indemnifications, but also because of regulatory developments in key markets. These are exciting times for the region, which is adopting higher and more competitive market standards, setting trends that will continue in 2018 and beyond.

*Only available in Spanish

The gray hair revolution: agingnomics or opportunities in the economics of aging. Antonio Huertas and Iñaki Ortega
Barcelona: Gestión 2000, 2018.

Thanks to medical advances we now enjoy another 15 years of life. This has given rise to a new life stage between our fifties and seventies named the “silver generation.” The gray hair revolution will bring radical changes, allowing millions of people of this age to continue working, saving, creating, and consuming.

*Only available in Spanish

Understanding cyber insurance: a structured dialogue with insurance companies.
Frankfurt: EIOPA, 2018.

This study undertaken by EIOPA aims to identify the trends, possible risks, and vulnerabilities of the latest European developments in cyber security, at micro- and macroprudential levels. It covers topics related to cyber underwriting strategies, the supply and demand of cyber products and the potential accumulation of risks.

*Only available in English

Construction risk management : special report 2018
Ticehurst, East Sussex: Commercial Risk Europe, 2018

The construction market continues to grow, but with ever smaller margins. Risk managers in this sector must be aware of the risks they are facing and know how to measure threats in an accurate way. They must understand how to more effectively manage construction and transfer risks in a cost-effective way. Of course, it is vital to have risk and insurance management programs in place to prevent potential losses.

*Only available in English

The Global risks report 2019
Geneva : World Economic Forum, cop. 2019

The world is facing increasingly complex and interconnected challenges: from a slowdown in global growth and persistent economic inequality to climate change, geopolitical tensions and the accelerated pace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

*Only available in English

Guide and list of best practices for facing cyber risks: an initiative of “Estamos Seguros.” David Ramos
INESE, November 2018, pg. 78-80

Ransomware, malware, cryptojacking, DoS attacks, and phishing are just some of the risks to which SMEs are exposed. Fifty-three percent of them suffered a cyberattack in 2017.

*Only available in Spanish

Regional sectoral situation for Mexico: second half of 2018
BBVA Research, 2019

The sector’s situation shows manufacturing and sales are the pillars of the Mexican economy. Furthermore, in recent years the dynamics of the financial services and insurance sector have grown at a higher rate than the economy in a sustained manner, contributing to an expected sector growth of over 9% by 2019.

*Only available in Spanish

Cyber insurance as a risk mitigation strategy. The Geneva Association, 2018

This paper analyzes the state of the cybernetic market and the role that insurance companies play in advancing cybernetic resilience. Additionally, it looks at the transformation throughout the value chain as insurance companies move from offering only risk transfer products to offering prevention, mitigation, and resolution services.

*Only available in English

Recommendations for the insurance sector in light of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union

These EIOPA recommendations provide guidance on the treatment of U.K. insurance companies and distributors relating to cross-border services in the European Union in the event of a no-deal U.K. withdrawal from the EU. The goal of the recommendations is to minimize damage caused to insurers with cross-border insurance contracts.

*Only available in English

Top 10 cyber risks. Cyber Risk Working Group, AGERS [Spanish Association of Risk and Insurance Management] – ISMS Forum [Spanish Association for the Promotion of Data Security]

The objective of this guide is to facilitate understanding between cybersecurity subject matter experts and non-experts. The guide outlines 10 different types of cyberattacks that were identified in a survey conducted by ISMS FORUM; each one contains descriptions and real-world cases for subsequent analysis.

*Only available in English