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XXV International Seminars MAPFRE Global Risks


Dear friend,

Once again, and this time in a very special way because it is our 25th edition, I would like to convey my gratitude on behalf of MAPFRE for your participation in the International Seminar that our company held in Granada on 7, 8 and 9 June.

The Seminar is an international meeting designed especially for you, which helps us to analyse and deepen the needs of one of our main areas of action: the management of large risks, focusing our efforts on excellence and innovation and always counting on your cooperation and participation, without which our meeting would not be possible.

We want to let you know that you can find the main contents that we have shared these days and all the graphic information related to our event on our website: reports and reviews of the work sessions, as well as the video on the competitions of fire protection.

On this occasion we could not hold this activity simultaneously with the Seminar, and it was held on June 2 at the facilities of El Casar in Guadalajara, where once again they made clear the merit and value of their profession.

I encourage you to visit it and to send us any suggestions for improvements through the website. Your opinion, as you already know, is very important to us and helps us to be aware of your needs.

It has been a pleasure to have your presence during the Seminar in the Insurance Program, in the Security Program, as well as in the social events, which we hope you have enjoyed. You can also find the videos and photos about the activities on the web.

It is always a great honor for us to count on your presence in our Seminar, both in past events and from now on, in which our challenge will be to add value and knowledge, as well as allowing our participants to enjoy our rich cultural heritage and special moments.

Kind Regards,

                   Alfredo Arán



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