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Top 10 of the most viewed (or “can’t miss”) articles

We’re starting the new year with the aim of continuing to offer what matters most to you. For this reason, we have created a ranking with the ten most visited entries of 2023. Thank you for always being there and a welcome to those of you who’ve just arrived!

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We start the ranking with the article signed by Ismael Campos Rodríguez, Technical Director of Global Risks at MAPFRE Mexico. The Global Risks market in Mexico. Outlook for 2023 ranks 10th.




In position number 9 is the Growth outlook for the insurance market in Brazil, written by Mauro Wassilewsky Caetano, Director of Companies and General Insurance at MAPFRE Brazil.


We also notice that you are interested in everything related to innovation. And this is demonstrated by the following positions:


Biomethane: definition, production, uses and benefits: We defined this gas as 100% green, clean and sustainable, and its production, uses and benefits, since its application would allow for the reduction of waste and methane emissions to the atmosphere.


Earthquakes: earthquake-resistant construction in Latin America: Its importance is vital due to the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes that affect the region.


In February 2023, we celebrated the successful launch of the Amazonas Nexus satellite, from the Canaveral base in Florida. Our colleague Cristina Quintero was present and gave us a first-hand account.


The great interest raised by this subject led us to write about aerospace electric propulsion, a new system used in space vehicles and satellites which uses electricity, instead of relying on chemical fuels to accelerate.


Everything related to maritime matters also particularly attracts your attention, and the following two recommendations showed it. If you didn’t read them at the time, do it now!


Collisions between Vessels: Liability and Coverage




Challenges in maritime connections between Asia and Latin America



And now we enter the TOP 3 in the ranking:

In position number 3…


Lithium-ion batteries: APICI technical workshops. The rise of electric mobility has accelerated the need to find out about this technology in depth and about the risks we face as users and society.




Rare Earths: their double edge in the energy transition



And, finally, at number 1…


Insurance companies in the face of lithium-ion battery risks: This article was very well received, also in our LinkedIn profile.



Thank you for your trust! We will continue to hold the bar as high as you tell us to, and remember, subscribe to the newsletter we send every two months!

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