International Insurance Programs

International Insurance Programs

We improve the corporate management of International Programmes

MAPFRE Global Risks International Insurance Programmes enable large corporations to apply active risk management, adhering to regulations and guaranteeing a good local service. This translates into cost and cover optimization for the core activities of large companies. Nowadays, effective risk management is a competitiveness factor for companies and, therefore, the correct arrangement of an International Program can be an essential element in company growth.

MAPFRE Global Risks International Insurance Programmes are characterized for applying a completely transparent and efficient model that is guaranteed for every solution we design for our clients. We improve the Corporate Management of International Programmes for our global clients thanks to the many advantages provided by our programmes and which enable:

  • Guaranteed operative management with international vision. Optimization of costs and covers (encouraging homogeneity).
  • Optimal claims management. Constant feedback on gaps in cover, facilitating improvement.
  • Respect of applicable local regulations.
  • Guaranteed good local service.
  • ACTIVE Risk Management throughout the service.
  • Centralization of the management in a sole contact point.

In MAPFRE Global Risks we are leaders in the handling of International Insurance Programmes for multinational clients, companies that operate in global sectors and other large corporations. Our method of operation includes advice to the client, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of an International Insurance Programme or mixed model (local programmes / International programmes) whatever is best suited to the client´s interests. We are continually seeking to offer our clients the best solutions for the handling of the most complex risks. Our knowledge of the international markets has allowed us to develop a global service network that can provide rapid and flexible responses to the particular needs of our clients.

We advocate trust for building long term relationships based on transparency and continual communication with our clients. We believe that solvency, integrity, service vocation, a dedicated team and innovation are values that define us best.