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From the Casualty Division of MAPFRE Global Risks, we serve both requests from General Casualty, and sometimes also from Environmental Casualty thanks to our participation in the Spanish Pool Risks. We are specialists in the implementation of multinational programs, both for large companies and for SME´S, with special focus on the countries of the MAPFRE world, that is, Latin America and Spain. However, thanks to our wide network of partner companies, we are able to provide solutions to our customers practically anywhere in the world.

In turn, we offer insurance solutions in the format of policies or annual programs, but also for the specific needs of our customers for projects or contracts (Single Project policies), both in General Casualty and in profesional Casualty.

Although we prefer to intervene in primary layers, we sometimes also offer capacity for excess layers.

Our appetite for risk in terms of activities is very broad and covers almost all sectors of the economy: Manufacturing Industries, Construction, Services, Oil & Gas, Energy (both generation and distribution of electricity, gas or water), Hospitality, Distribution and Real Estate.

We have a team of underwrites with extensive experience and flexibility, which allows us to negotiate conditions tailored to the specific needs of each insured party.