With a team that is highly qualified in the underwriting and administration of global insurance programmes, we offer made-to-measure risk management programmes for the industry: risks of non-compliance with the regulations in force, operational threats related to processes or employees, strategic threats from customers or competitors and even financial threats.

New opportunities for growth and the constant changes faced by telecommunications industry frequently give rise to modifications in business models. Rapid response, adaptation and flexibility are, therefore, essential values in handling the variable factors in this industry. These are values that characterize the global insurance solutions that MAPFRE Global Risks provides from centralized global management and via rapid and effective responses to the strong demands of the telecommunications market.

We are familiar with the market and its demands. We are conscious of the fact that processes such as globalization have made the interdependency between elements that are physically removed from one another produce the greatest efficiencies, speed and reliability. That's why at MAPFRE Global Risks we operate with a global business structure but with the ability to act locally. Our policy of stability and long-term relationships with our clients are fundamental for achieving optimum administration of the most complex risks in the telecommunications sector.

The continuous changes in the sector require rapid responses to prevent damage that can arise from a lack of dexterity in organizational work, non-compliance with privacy and safety demands at any time or the absence of legal certainty in the market structures. Our products and services are adapted to the needs of the client and we offer also broad knowledge and sensitivity to the businesses and local regulations.

In MAPFRE Global Risks we undertake continual analysis of the risks with the objective of optimizing the capital consumption with which we can attend to our commitments with clients and provide the necessary resources required from the underwriting of Multinational Insurance Programs.

Our business areas also have access to the services of our engineering consultancy, ITSEMAP (Instituto Tecnológico de Seguridad MAPFRE) that specializes in the management of engineering services applied to insurance in respect of Risk Protection and Prevention, Risk Management and Risk Control.