Press and Audio-visual Communication

Press and Audio-visual Communication

We live in a society of knowledge and information and, therefore, the communication media are central to our lives and how we see them. They are one of the main socializing agents, i.e. one of the main influences affecting us as individuals and as companies, and they have the power to establish a social agenda, around which we build our reality, fears, tastes etc.

Mass media has been growing at the same time as other industries and has made use of many other sectors, transversely, in order to introduce their technology products to most parts of the planet. From paper to Internet, information has been and is present in our everyday life, in a multitude of different ways and forms.

The central role of the media means that information companies can carry out their work in society and, therefore, they need the right tools that will facilitate their impartiality and distribution as far as possible.

However, and although their importance is crucial in our everyday lives, it is precisely due to their nature that the media are not exempt from being exposed to certain risks. The changes in our habits, and also in the markets, the sectors undergoing expansion, the appearance of new business models and an ever more demanding customer with a greater desire to participate in the information processes are features that shape the situation in which the press and the audio-visual communication sectors find themselves today.

Being essentially built on technological processes, the communications industry requires certain general solutions to obtain good technical assistance, but, at the same time, needs assistance in dealing with those risks that are specific to the industry itself. All  this with the guarantee to give the media the importance that it has as a social and socializing agent.

In this respect, MAPFRE Global Risks makes available to its clients a team of experts, specialized in the latest communication trends, as well as state-of-the-art technology. The teams have in-depth knowledge of IT practices for press and audio-visual communications and can offer the best covers to those companies in the large media groups.