Marine (Shipping Industry)

The marine transport industry accounts for 90 % of commercial activities worldwide and, for both the distribution of raw materials and finished consumer products, it is a critical and essential stage in the value chain, especially, in the current process of globalization.

Also, over the last 15 years the available world fleet has grown significantly and has diversified the amount of cargo per transportation. Analysis carried out on the risks associated with the use of cargo vessels and freighters shows that these have a greater probability of suffering an incident compared to the remainder of vessels that are not used for the transportation of goods.

To be successful in the shipping industry, a high quality fleet with professional staff is required in order to minimize risks and maintain the required safety standards. Therefore, the monitoring of operational processes and fast reactions to potential problems upon the slightest symptom can undoubtedly help to minimize dangerous situations, improve systems on board and reduce the probabilities of an incident as far as possible.

Whilst the marine transport industry is undergoing a transformation, the new nature of certain transported products and the change in methods used due to profitability demands are introducing new risks, or at least lesser known risks. Moreover, the changes in this industry are not only due to the growth of the markets but also to changes in environmental legislation which is often related to and directly affects the type of materials permitted in shipbuilding.

The majority of the risks depend directly on the type of vessel in question and the cargo to be transported. Experts say that, contrary to what one would expect, the more hazardous products transported, such as gas, usually suffer less incidents and this can be due precisely to impeccable risk management that has identified, adapted and adjusted to the specific threats in each case.

For all the above, MAPFRE Global Risks offers its clients a team with expertise in the construction and transport stages of the shipping industry. Our team will optimize the company´s available resources and adhere to the strictest safety and legal standards, without neglecting the importance of optimization and profitability.

Logistic and Distribution Operators

Logistic and Distribution Operators