From the Industry Business Area we offer global insurance solutions directed at the largest and most important players in the paper industry chain: forestry plantations, paper manufacturers, printing businesses, publishers or paper and cardboard recycling companies. In MAPFRE Global Risks we are able to offer the best direct insurance solutions and instrumental reinsurance for the paper industry.

In order to offer our clients the best solutions we carry out a continual analysis of the possible risks, studying the sector, the needs and available resources. Our team has professional staff with a wide knowledge of the sector and is highly technical: they are knowledgeable on the needs and risks of the paper industry, which enables them to provide advice on what covers are most suitable by means of a transparent and close relationship with the client.

The paper industry is growing once again and opens up a new cycle for investors which must protected by means of proper risk management. In 2014, in the European Union, investments in the paper industry grew by 2.2 % and reached an increase of 23 % in Spain. In MAPFRE Global Risks, we are conscious of the importance of this growth and, for that reason, we wish to accompany our clients in their international expansion and development, creating a team, lasting relationships and responding to the constant changes with appropriate risk management.

The activities of the paper industry involve the movement of typical materials such as wood, paper pulp, waste paper, finished products in reels, etc. that require the involvement of diverse teams and correct risk planning to be dealt with correctly.

In MAPFRE Global Risks we have very innovative global solutions for detecting and analyzing the needs of each individual case and, thus, make sure that our products and services are adapted to our clients´ needs with the coverages required at any given time, such as: the protection of buildings and fixed installations, machinery and equipment, stock, gross profit  or fixed costs.