Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

The continual globalization process and demand for technological advances, combined with local regulations that regulate the impact of chemical / pharmaceutical processes, signify a degree of risk that large corporations guard against to the maximum. That is why, in MAPFRE Global Risks, we employ a team with wide experience, at national and international level, in the underwriting and management of global insurance programmes and offer made-to-measure programmes for companies operating in the chemical / pharmaceutical sector.

All of our insurances programmes are designed in accordance with the needs of our clients to whom we make available our technical expertise and offer innovative solutions in the chemical / pharmaceutical sector: environmental liability, products recall or material damage, amongst others.

In MAPFRE Global Risks we appreciate that the chemical / pharmaceutical sector undergoes constant evolution which means that the risks become more and more complex. Therefore, we are highly committed to innovation and the development of advanced solutions in risk management and risk prevention for very sophisticated risks.

Communication, flexibility, transparency and the agility of all our operations are our key values. We consider it essential to work as a team with our clients, without intermediaries and with just one team for Underwriting, Claims and other Services that  are specialized in the risks of chemical / pharmaceutical corporations.

Thanks to the experience acquired from handling prestigious pharmaceutical laboratories, our specialized teams and our organizational structure, we have in depth knowledge of our clients’ needs. We are a global company and our decisions are always supported by our financial strength and our values.

In MAPFRE Global Risks, we believe that innovation is not an isolated process. For that reason, we dedicate considerable resources to the identification and development of products and sustainable solutions for the most complex chemical / pharmaceutical sectors´ needs: we believe that prevention is the best cure and we support energy requirements that minimize  environmental and economic impact by means of prevention, detaining and controlling the processes.