MAPFRE Global Risks presents the outlook on the challenges to aviation insurance at a conference in Panama

Cristina Quintero, head of Aviation and Space Underwriting at MAPFRE Global Risks, led the conference organized by MAPFRE PANAMA on November 25 for clients and intermediaries on “The challenges of aviation insurance”.

The aeronautical industry is key for Panama, as it is the capital of aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean and the headquarters of major associations in the sector.

Likewise, by 2026, Panama City is poised to become what is known as an Aviation Mega City, a city with over 10,000 passengers a day traveling on routes with distances of over 2,000 miles (approx. 4.5 flight hours), according to experts in the field.

Meanwhile, over the next 20 years, the air industry expects to nearly double the number of passengers traveling in 2018, which is at around 4.4 billion. The growth is making it necessary to take measures to make aviation an even safer sector than it already is.

The MAPFRE conference was developed in light of this context, and, as head of Aviation and Space Underwriting for MAPFRE Global Risks—a MAPFRE unit that offers insurance solutions for the most complex risks— Cristina Quintero was responsible for presenting the company’s vision.


You can access the complete press release through the following link…

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