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Watch the videos from the 34th AGERS Conference now

Almost 800 professionals specialized in Risk and Insurance Management from Spain, Latin America, and Europe participated both in-person and online, making the Conference an enormous success. Here’s how to access the videos!

Over 35 senior managers and experts took the stage at the Pablo VI Foundation in Madrid, where the 34th Conference for Risk Management organized by the Spanish Association of Risk and Insurance Management was held on October 26.

In order to improve outreach and increase awareness of Risk Management, in both society and the business community, the Association is sharing all the panels and keynote speeches on the AGERS YouTube Channel. This provides stakeholders with the opportunity to relive the abundance of knowledge and shared experiences during this outstanding industry event.

These videos are presented by the Association as “a valuable tool for everyone involved in Risk and Insurance Management, providing a comprehensive overview of key discussions, innovative ideas, and expert insights presented during the event.”

Three recommendations

It goes without saying that each and every one of the presentations is highly interesting, not only due to the contemporary themes and the speakers but also due to the different perspectives and approaches that were introduced.

Our favorites include:

Among the experts who participated, MAPFRE was represented by Elena Mora González, Director of Privacy and Data Protection, who highlighted: “Control of the information and data entered is lost. The security gaps created with ChatGPT should be kept in mind.”


In the afternoon session, four practical workshops were held where professionals from different areas of Risk Management presented very varied case studies.

Our Technical Supervisor of the MAPFRE Global Risks Engineering Area, María Teresa Queralt, participated in one of the four workshops that were held entitled: How to Implement Risk Management in SMEs. (We will publish an exclusive article about this meeting soon.)

The three other workshops addressed “Bank Guarantee vs. Security Insurance,” “Underwriting Property Damage for Companies in the Food Industry,” and finally, “Risk Management in Renewable Energy Projects.”

Before we finish, we would like to let you know AGERS intends to publish exclusive photos and detailed conclusions from the Conference in the 18th edition of the Observatorio de Gerencia de Riesgos [Risk Management Observatory] magazine, scheduled for the end of the year.

These resources are available for free, reflecting AGERS’ ongoing commitment to sharing knowledge and promoting professional development in the industry.

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