V Congress of ALSUM


From October 16 to 18 took place the V Latin American Maritime Insurance Congress in the city of Lima. The event considered the most important in Latin America for the Transport Insurance, has once again counted on the collaboration of the Global Risks Unit of MAPFRE, which has been a silver sponsor during the event.

At the Congress took part José Manuel Castillo, head of Global Marine of Global Risks, who on behalf of the Unit presented and led the panel discussion of the Maritime module focused on shipbuilding. Furthermore, José Manuel is a member of the ALSUM Governing Board and President of the Maritime Committee.

The meeting brought together 283 attendees from 17 countries. During the conference, they reviewed the hot topics of Transport insurance, addressed issues such as Maritime Responsibilities and Maritime and Cargo Insurance in Latin America. In addition, they spoke about the important challenges facing the transport market in general in a situation of the soft market with losses, and how to deal with them. In particular, the importance of having a team of experts underwriters who know how to value the risks, to promote the conversion of insurance companies that currently provide financial services to organizations of security services in the Industry, and the need of a good communication with the client and between the insurance markets, so that they share their experiences and knowledge for the benefit of the whole industry.


During his stay in Lima, José Manuel Castillo visited the offices of MAPFRE Peru and held meetings with Felipe Ríos, Technical Director, and Eduardo Marengo, deputy director of the Transport Area, conducting a portfolio review, business opportunities, and market analysis, in order to increase the profitable growth of the business  and continue the process of delegating underwriting capabilities.

He also visited the Financial Manager and the Risks Manager of SERVICIOS INDUSTRIALES DE LA MARINA (SIMA), shipyards belonging to the Peruvian Navy in which the MAPFRE Group is currently involved ensuring at the local level the personal insurance program.

MAPFRE PERU has insured with the support of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS several ship constructions (The ship school B.A.P. “LA UNION”, “LA PLATFORMA ITINERANTE DE ACCION SOCIAL” -the itinerant platform for social action-, which will allow to provide health care and administrative assistance to populations in isolated and difficult to access areas in the Amazon).

According to José Manuel Castillo, the Transport sector is a highly competitive market in Latin America and with a strong increase in accidents in certain geographical areas in the region. However, the strong presence of the MAPFRE Group in the area, together with the ongoing transformation process and the high technical knowledge of the company staff, will enable the Group to be very well positioned for the future.

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