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MAPFRE has close ties with brokers and partners in Brazil

On Tuesday, March 05, MAPFRE Brasil held a meeting with insurance brokers and partners in the Global Risk industry. The event was attended by Felipe Nascimento, Bosco Francoy and Paola Serrano.

In the city of São Paulo, MAPFRE Brasil has strengthened ties with brokers and partners in Global Risks by inviting them to a meeting where they could connect with Felipe Nascimento, Regional CEO of MAPFRE in Brazil, as well as Bosco Francoy and Paola Serrano, CEO and CRMO of MAPFRE Global Risks, respectively.

Felipe Nascimento delivered the keynote address and highlighted the importance of Brazil to the Group which, for decades, has held the leading position in the Global Risk market: “MAPFRE expects an even more expressive year of growth in Brazil in 2024, which is why bonding with our partners is critical to strengthening our market position and reaffirming our commitment to remain a leader in the sector. These meetings offer opportunities to define joint strategies, share knowledge, and align future objectives.” And he concluded with a key pillar in the MAPFRE Group that goes beyond borders: “Once again, our company has demonstrated its willingness and propensity to remain at the forefront of the industry by means of strong and lasting relationships,” he stressed.

BF y FNascimentoBosco Francoy addressed global insurance market trends and how MAPFRE is prepared to meet the needs of Brazilian customers: “This is a promising market, but also a strategic country with business potential. MAPFRE Global Risks sees fertile ground in Brazil to expand our operations and offer innovative solutions adapted to local demands. We are committed to cultivating strong partnerships that drive our growth and strengthen our presence in this important market.”

The meeting also featured speeches by Luis Afonso Fernandes Lima, an economist at MAPFRE Investimentos, who provided an analysis of the current economic outlook and its implications for the insurance industry, and Mauro Caetano, MAPFRE’s General Manager of Insurance, who announced the arrival of executive Givânia Silva as Head of Corporate and Brokers, a new business structure that has been incorporated into the Technical Insurance Underwriting Department, with the objective of bringing greater synergy across industries and bringing the company even closer to customers and brokers.

Evento Brasil MAPFREGlobalRisks publico“The incorporation of technical and commercial areas not only reinforces our responsiveness, but also streamlines processes to ensure greater efficiency in the provision of services to our brokers and customers. We believe that this integrated approach improves service quality and also strengthens the ties of collaboration, enabling us to offer faster and more effective solutions to meet broker and market needs. We are committed to continuing to improve this collaboration between all areas involved to provide the best possible experience for our partners and customers,” underlined Mauro Caetano.

Taking advantage of the presence of Bosco Francoy and Paola Serrano in Brazil, two specialized media outlets in the country echoed the visit with exclusive statements.

1. The article by Kelly Lubiato, from the Revista Apólice magazine, highlights MAPFRE’s new structure in which, with the arrival of Givânia Silva, it integrates brokers in the Technical Department, following in Spain’s footsteps. In the words of the recently appointed Head of Corporate and Brokers: “What changes is the customer’s opportunity to try a new service, whether from a broker or insurance company.” Bosco Francoy also mentioned a great positive aspect: “The big advantage for the broker is having a centralized structure in the country, with communication being much more agile.” The article also mentions sustainability and climate catastrophe management topics, not forgetting the strengths in the different lines, such as the added value offered by the Engineering Department to its Customers.

2. On the other hand, the interview published in Sonho Seguro, by Denise Bueno, Bosco Francoy spoke about MAPFRE Global Risks, MAPFRE Brazil’s new structure, and he analyzed the hard market context and directed a few words to the risk managers of the region: “At MAPFRE, we have a long-term commitment to the country and are here to help our clients mitigate these risks.”

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