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ReunionBienalIngenieria 2024 Con Bosco

Biennial meeting with our engineers from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

During the week of February 12–17, the Engineering Department held its Biennial Meeting with a program that combined technical and team training actions with one-on-one activities alongside engineers and subscribers, depending on the needs of each profile.

The biennial meeting of the MAPFRE Global Risks Engineering Department has once again been a great success, not only in knowledge and experiences, but also in team building. Furthermore, Bosco Francoy, CEO of MAPFRE Global Risks was present, who came to welcome them to the Headquarters and had a very pleasant time discussing the successes in 2023 and the new strategies to achieve the objectives in this new fiscal year. In 2024, MAPFRE Global Risks has been visited by several engineers from Latin America:

  • BRAZIL > Mariane Giménes Días, Leandro Cardoso Zaccarelli and Elvis Luis Texeira
  • COLOMBIA > Germán David Martínez Pinilla
  • MEXICO > Misael Alberto Jiménez Casiano and Jennifer Pérez Badillo
  • PERU > Héctor García Pacheco

ReunionBienalingenieria texto interiorThroughout the five working days, they shared the context of the sector in each market, and about the customers in particular, to get to know the realities of each country. They also discussed topics in depth and exchanged opinions about the application of new tools, about risks in the installation of photovoltaics and batteries and the importance of on-site advising for the customer (successful cases were shared which stemmed from such monitoring)… A full morning was also dedicated to explaining safety procedures (impairment: cutting and welding), the LOTO (lockout/tagout) system, how to handle combustible liquids, tank loading and unloading…

We will soon publish new content in the Magazine on these topics, thanks to the contributions of MAPFRE Global Risks experts. Stay tuned!

Strengthening the team

But, as necessary as expanding knowledge was, so too was sharing a bit of downtime filled with laughter in order to consolidate a long-lasting team that spans across borders. And what better way than building a bridge with wood and ropes, through teamwork and cooperation. As expected, they did it in record time! And they also visited FORTEM’s (formación técnica en emergencias [technical emergency training]) facilities in El Casar (Guadalajara) to put the finishing touches on the meeting by receiving Fire Protection training and putting it into practice right there. To remember these good times, we’re sharing this photo album with you.

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