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“We need to be close to the customer, we need to feel the customer, we need to put our soul into it”

On the eve of starting a new stage in his life, we spoke with Alfredo Arán…

Bosco Francoy, CEO of MAPFRE Global Risks, receives in the second edition of MAPFRE Global Risks Talks a highly appreciated person inside and outside MAPFRE: Alfredo Arán, General Manager of Global Businesses and Brokers at MAPFRE IBERIA, is now nearing retirement, but with many exciting projects ahead, as he describes them, leaving behind a huge legacy.

On the eve of starting this new stage of his life, during this pleasant talk, Alfredo tells us about his beginnings in the insurance world, his most precious memories, his plans, and of course, his optimism and way of facing life, that characterizes him so well.

As Bosco points out during the talk, Alfredo is really a well-known figure in the insurance industry, who hardly requires an introduction. But for those who do not know him, in a few lines, Alfredo has assumed important responsibilities in MAPFRE in the 16 management positions held by him, among which are an important role in the creation of MAPFRE Global Risks, a MAPFRE Unit specialized in Major Risks, and a fundamental role in the setup and organization of many of the editions of the company’s flagship event, the well-known MAPFRE International Global Risks Seminar. He is characterized by his cordial and close treatment with co-workers, associates, brokers, customers… So much so that with many of them, he has built relationships for more than 30 years.

During his talk with Bosco, Alfredo tells us about his way of envisaging business and states that it is through human faces and relationships. “With customers, we have experienced bad times, better times, losses, through very complicated market cycles, and we are still together.”

In addition, Alfredo highlights the role of brokers in an extraordinary way and the positive evolution of the relationship with them. “Brokers are a crucial agent in MAPFRE,” he highlights.

Full of good memories and anecdotes, Alfredo is professionally satisfied and tells us that his family side will prevail from now on because, as he says, he sees the need to balance that aspect of his life after so many intense years of work. A family to which he is enormously grateful for their patience, accompanying him in his extensive professional career wherever he goes.

We highlight 5 of the key reflections left by Alfredo Arán:

1.       On how to face life: “If you are generous, if you give to people, eventually, you will receive much more than you give.”

2.       The pride of belonging to MAPFRE: “From the company’s values, I highlight professionalism, ethics, social work, and our satisfaction because part of our efforts and work are returned to society through the Foundation. “

3.       His vision of business: “We need to be close to the customer, we need to feel the customer, we need to put our soul into it.”

4.       About the International Global Risks Seminar: “A key factor of our Seminar is that our clients, brokers, reinsurers have all a leading role so that they tell us about their experiences, do networking, the Seminar is theirs.”

5.       Future outlook: “Balance my life with family, friends, and go back to College to study Humanities.”

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