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Is green hydrogen the energy of the future?

Our industry’s current status has forced us to perform research and interview the most renowned experts to address the same subject from different angles. And this is the case with Green Hydrogen.

In the magazine Risk and Insurance Management, we have spoken out on numerous occasions about the need to commit to sustainability along with green hydrogen, whether by industry or by geographical area.

We have always relied on guidance from the most renowned experts to research what kind of energy green hydrogen is and we are pleased that MAPFRE is the first insurer to be part of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2). We also wanted to understand the viewpoint of companies investing in green hydrogen, and the growth prospects in the insurance market, as well as in Latin America, of course, and regionally.

Our MAPFRE colleagues have joined in spreading this energy as an ally in the pursuit of a more sustainable planet, and Javier Caamaño has interviewed our experienced MAPFRE Global Risks engineer, Alejandro García-Gascó. Together, they try to respond to the headline “Green hydrogen: the energy of the future?”

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