Privacy Policy and Cookies

The MAPFRE Group is particularly concerned about privacy on the Internet. For this reason, and as a user of this website, we inform you about how we handle the information that you send us and/or how we gather it as a result of your browsing.

The user guarantees that he/she has complete legal capacity based on his/her age, to accept the provisions in this Privacy Policy and is entirely responsible for this declaration and of access and correct use of the website.

The user may visit our website without the need to supply personal information or reveal his/her identity. In the event that personal information is collected, we inform you of the following:

Processing personal data

The Entity is responsible for the files generated with the private data supplied by the users by means of this website.

The user authorizes the Entity to process the personal data that is supplied voluntarily, through the forms, email and other electronic mediums, as well as related to the formalization of the contract, the information provided during its validity, through recorded telephone conversations and information generated by browsing in the website in order to:

  • To offer the user more personalized browsing.
  • To process, monitor and update any request for information, business relationship, precontractual and contractual, of any of the different entities of the MAPFRE Group.
  • To manage activities related to other service provisions, as well as the corresponding legal obligations.
  • To maintain and manage your relationship with the different entities of the MAPFRE Group in an integral and centralized manner.
  • To send information and advertising, including by email, about offers, products, recommendations, services, subscriptions or bulletins, promotions, gifts and customer loyalty campaigns of the different MAPFRE Group entities responsible for marketing; extraction, storage of data, market research in order to customize our sales offers to your personal profile, whether or not you execute an operation, such as in the case that the existing contractual relationship is terminated; as well as the completion of surveys, market tendency statistics and analysis and drawings, where if chosen, it would be published on this website.
  • To perform statistical research and calculations, and quality control.
  • To process insurance activity and compliance with the insurance contract.
  • To assess and delimit the risk, prevention and investigation of fraud in risk selection and processing of incidents, even if the insurance contract is not formalized or, as the case may be, once it is terminated.
  • To perform incident analysis.
  • To manage the financial activity and/or compliance of the contract or precontract, as well as the corresponding legal obligations.

The user accepts that his/her data could be transferred, exclusively for the purposes indicated above, to insurance, reinsurance, finance or real estate entities, or to communication, home repair, or automotive services or client attention of the MAPFRE Group (, subsidiaries and companies in which an interest is held, as well as individuals and legal entities that are also involved in the activities referred to and in which the different entities of the MAPFRE Group enter into collaboration agreements, even when the transfer involves international transfer of data, while respecting in any event the legislation regarding data protection privacy and without the need to communicate every first transfer that is made to the mentioned transferees.

All data is treated with absolute confidentiality, and is not accessible to third parties for purposes different from the authorized purposes.

The user will be responsible, in any case, for the veracity of the data provided, and the Entity reserves the right to exclude the registered services to all users that have provided false data, notwithstanding other actions applicable by Law.

It is understood that the user is informed and accepts the conditions established previously if user clicks on the button "SEND/CONTINUE/CALCULATE", located on the data collection forms.

Browsing the websites

The Entity obtains information on its visitors. The data that is retained is:

  1. The name of the internet domain service provider (ISP) that gives access to the network with the aim to prepare statistics on the countries and servers that regularly visit our website.
  2. The date and time of access to our website. This enables us to find out the busiest hours and make any necessary adjustments to prevent access problems.
  3. The Internet address of the link that directed the user to our website in order to learn about the effectiveness of the different buttons and links that are directed to our server, with the aim of optimizing those that offer the best results.
  4. The number of daily visitors in each section in order to learn about the areas of greater interest and increase and improve their content, in order for the users to obtain a more satisfactory result.

Browsing with cookies

This website uses cookies, computer files that are stored in the user's device while browsing and that generally contain a number that is used to identify the user's device.

As a general rule, the following are the different types of cookies:

  • Based on their expiration:
    • Session: These expire at the end of the session.
    • Persistent: These do not expire at the end of the session.
  • Based on their origin:
    • Origin: Enabled by the website you are browsing.
    • Third parties. From other websites.

The purposes for which the Entity uses cookies in its website may be the following:

  • Analysis cookies: They are used to collect statistics on the activity of the user. Analysis cookies analyze, among others, the number of users that visit the website, the number of websites visited as well as the activity of the users in the website and frequency of use. The compiled information is always anonymous in such a way that a link between the information and the real person referred to is not established.
  • Authentication cookies: They are used by the website for maintenance of the user session during each visit, where they are more dominant in private sections of the website that require a username and password by the user.
  • Cookies used by social media: They allow the user to share content of interest with his/her contacts in social media by marking the corresponding button (plug-in) inserted in the website. The plug-ins store and access the cookies in the user's terminal and allow the social media to identify its users when they interact with the plug-ins.
  • Cookies used by external complimentary content: These cookies are stored by third-parties and are necessary for offering some type of service. In this cookie category you will find, for example, media player cookies that are used to store technical data for the purpose of playing content on video or audio, such as image quality, loading parameters, etc.
  • Third-party cookies for personalizing advertising space: They are stored by third-parties and allow management of advertising space that the users see when they access the website.
  • Except for analysis cookies, the use of cookies affects the privacy of the users, since, as a general rule, they link the user's content with the IP connection address and with other personal data of the user, such as data provided voluntarily.
  • By accepting this Privacy and Cookies Policy, the user is giving consent to the generation of cookies for the reasons mentioned above.

Nevertheless, if you subsequently wish to eliminate the cookies that have been stored in your computer and need your consent, you can do this by using the tools that your browser provides for such purposes. To this effect you can find additional information in the following links:

If the user does not accept cookies or subsequently rejects them, this could affect the functionality of the website.


The Entity declines any responsibility with regard to the information in this website from sources outside MAPFRE Group, as well as the content not prepared by them.

The role of the links that appear in this website is only to inform the user about the existence of other sources of information on this matter, and where the user can broaden the data provided in this website. The Entity under no circumstances will be responsible for the result obtained through the mentioned hypertext links.


All rights reserved. The reproduction, distribution, transformation, manipulation, public communication or any other total or partial act of exploitation, lucrative or gratuitous of the texts, images or any other content that appears in this website is strictly prohibited without written consent of the copyright holders.

The Entity reserves the right to make at any time and without previous notice, as many modifications, variations, deletions or cancellations of the content and in the form of presentation as considered necessary, temporarily or permanently, and must ensure that the updated versions are used at all times. This authority does not grant the users any right to receive compensation for damages.

Exercise of Rights ARCO (Access, Correction, Cancellation, and Opposition)

Any registered user could freely exercise their access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights of their personal information supplied through this website by communicating it in writing.

Unsubscribing to Bulletins

If you decide to exclusively exercise these rights regarding the data needed for bulletin subscriptions through the Subscription Section, you could exercise these rights by clicking on the following link: unsubscribe.