MAPFRE Global Risks specializes in covering the insurance needs of companies whose main activity is in the Electricity sector. Thanks to our team of specialists in this class, we are currently leaders on a national level and have a large international presence.

There are many companies operating in the electricity sector whose losses following a claim can represent large economic loss for the company at all levels. For that reason, it is fundamental to study and to evaluate the most important needs in each case and policy covers should satisfy the future needs of each company.

The policy that protects companies involved in Power generation, transportation and distribution includes, amongst others, the following coverages:

  • Protection of the individual power stations, whether combined cycle or conventional thermal units.
  • Coverage that protects electricity transportation and distribution assets.

Large risks can be covered on an international basis, protecting all activity of companies that trade in the Electricity business.

MAPFRE Global Risks operates by objectives, using an effective management model that gives great importance to full client orientation and by which every company is treated individually and the number of client servicing persons are kept to a minimum.