The organization of energy and resources affect a considerable number of people and equipment worldwide and, therefore, require effective and demanding methods in the handling of risk. In MAPFRE Global Risks, we offer global solutions to companies worldwide for protection against those risks involving the construction of power stations.

We have many successful examples that endorse our work and we can say, proudly, that we offer direct insurance solutions in over 100 countries worldwide, contributing to a high degree of specialization and technical expertise. We provide specific risk management in the construction field and we have a team of experts that are qualified in the design, implementation and handling of International Programmes that provide tailor made solutions for each one of our clients.

Those risks associated with the construction of power stations fall within a category that requires special treatment and cannot be handled competitively in the traditional insurance market. For this reason, we subject all large energy infrastructure construction projects to in-depth environmental, economic and social impact studies.

In MAPFRE Global Risks we are aware of the fact that a construction project can have certain peculiarities, inherent to the actual works that differentiate it from "traditional" property risks. For the construction of power stations, these risks are considerable and it is essential to have rigorous technical controls in all stages of the project. These must take into account the different environmental social and economic factors involved in the construction process for coal-fired power stations, wind farms, hydro stations or water treatment plants, amongst others.

MAPFRE Global Risks has a team of experts with a broad knowledge of the current construction industry, and the different markets. They are trained in the management of global insurance programmes on a national and international level and not only work on providing protections but also offer global solutions via global risk management.