Those companies operating in the construction sector for civil works, hospitals, universities, schools or parking lots face specific risks that must be taken into account so that the general public can use such essential services safely. For construction works under concessions there is an important public interest factor due to the involvement of public administrations linked to the country’s economy and politics. They require meticulous technical controls, studies and quality audits during the whole construction process.

We propose solutions based on the technical circumstances for each case and establish criteria adapted to the legislation. We prepare technical reports that evaluate the risks at the different premises, inventories of the protection measures, evaluation and applicable regulations, water supply and distribution infrastructures, energy interconnections, treatment of waste, digital infrastructures linked to telecommunications, technological innovation and urban mobility.

In MAPFRE Global Risks we protect the activity of our clients by insuring buildings, machinery and electronic equipment against multiple risks, such as the repair of damages that affect mechanical resistance and stability, in addition to the legal and professional liabilities that can arise in each case. We believe in comprehensive risk management throughout all stages of the process, from construction to testing and final maintenance, working directly with all parties involved in the civil works construction processes, schools or hospitals, amongst others. One should not forget that development rights imply the transfer of the operational liability, i.e. those risks associated with the construction and also those arising from the management and actual use of equipment, including the technical and financial aspects and the management of the works.

Taking into account the importance of compliance and development for our clients, in MAPFRE Global Risks we offer our clients a team with expertise in all areas of infrastructures and construction that can carry out studies and monitoring in situ. We carry out a smooth and agile follow-up, always verifying the correct evolution of the works, in accordance with budget and applicable regulations, within the stipulated period and providing specific assessment when changes to the programme are necessary.

MAPFRE Global Risks is an active member of IMIA (international Association of Engineering Insurers), a worldwide network of engineering insurance experts.