Airport operators

Airport operators

In MAPFRE Global Risks we specialize also in the management of the risks borne by airport operators. In view of the importance and size of this type of client, the companies managing airports and heliports require a series of very specialized services.

Amongst the main coverages from which airport operator clients can benefit, we would underline the airport operator's legal liability arising from both ordinary risks and extraordinary risks (war, terrorism, kidnap...).

At the same time legal liability coverage is included for material damage and personal injury caused to third parties, arising from the use of vehicles and/or machinery within the airport precinct.

Moreover, if the insurer requires the policy, it can be extended in order to cover the responsibility resulting from the control tower activity.

Our mission is clear in this regard; it is to provide global and comprehensive solutions for our clients, giving priority to solvency and innovation. The nature of the solutions is crucial to covering the risks of these multinational companies since they always need international insurance programmes that can operate in any corner of the world.

In the Aviation and Space Business Area, our work is client-orientated. The skills that we have acquired in each sector enable us to manage on a comprehensive basis all of the risks arising out of the client´s respective activities. A sole interlocutor with each client facilitates considerably the resolution of any problem.

Moreover, not only do we concentrate on offering coverages as required by each company but we also provide advice in the analysis and the treatment of risk so that clients can acquire a more detailed vision of the consequences of their actions.