Manufacturers of aerospace products

Manufacturers of aerospace products

Within the Aviation and Space Business Area, we use our global service network and our strong functional structure to provide a comprehensive service in respect of risks arising in those companies that manufacture aerospace products.

We would highlight the following coverages available for this sector:

  • Liability for manufacture or liability for maintenance. This covers personal injury or material damage caused during the course of the aircraft manufacturing or maintenance activities.
  • Products liability cover. This covers the policyholder´s liability incurred due to defective products after delivery of the aircraft to the client.

In addition to these insurance coverages, our clients can also benefit from other advisory services that we offer.

In MAPFRE Global Risks we are conscious of the importance of the risks arising from the specific activity in the installations. For this reason, we provide cover for personal injuries or material damage that may arise on the premises of the policyholder resulting directly from the services provided or work carried out.

Our specialization in different risk sectors, including manufacturers of aerospace products, enables us to offer solutions that are totally adapted for each client.

We work continuously to innovate and improve our services. This, together with a personal service and efficiency in proposing solutions, are the keys to responding to risk situations and minimizing their effects.