Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The business model used by MAPFRE Global Risks for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is sustained by MAPRE´s business and institutional principles, together with the self-regulating guidelines laid down in its Code of Good Governance. This model encompasses the way in which MAPFRE carries out its business activities and commitment to society.

The purpose of MAPFRE´s CSR policy is to establish a reference framework from which any MAPFRE GROUP company can develop and strengthen socially responsible behaviour, regardless of the method — conventional and/or digital —  by which the business is carried out and the country in which it operates, locally adapting any initiatives that are required for compliance.

Social responsibility enables the company's social interests to be reconciled with the legitimate interests of the different stakeholders that can be affected and also encompasses the impact of the company's activities on the general community and environment. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

MAPFRE defines its social responsibility as a "voluntary and strategic commitment that entails attempting to achieve business targets while complying strictly with its legal and contractual obligations, applying criteria of equity and stability to its relationships with its stakeholders and thus contributing to meeting current and future needs of society".

General principles of behaviour

MAPFRE's CSR policy is based on a series of behavioural principles that are developed and complemented with the different corporate policies that are approved by the Group.

  1. Compliance with applicable national and international laws and regulations in all countries where the Group operates and the application of complementary international directives.
  2. Maintaining corporate governance practices.
  3. Communication and dialogue with all stakeholders.
  4. Commitment to transparency, as a way of conveying and generating trust and credibility amongst our stakeholders.
  5. Commitment to Human Rights.
  6. Fiscal responsibility.
  7. Conservation and promotion of the Environment.
  8. Promotion of social responsibility.

In addition, there are six specific behavioural principles related to: employees, shareholders, suppliers, distributors, clients and society.

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