Oil and gas pipelines — veins of the economy

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Oil and gas pipelines act as veritable arteries inside the Earth. Using extensive steel and plastic pipes, they transport gas and oil throughout the planet. Their strategic influence in the relationships between countries is

The regional insurance markets have shown positive, balanced growth in recent years in the Latin American region”

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Shortly before MAPFRE’s LATAM South Global Risks Seminar in Bogotá, a forum that brings together the region’s experts in significant risk, Manuel Aguilera, the General Manager of MAPFRE Economic Research, analyzes the situation of

Industry experts analyzed challenges and trends for the major risks business in LATAM South at the second edition of the Global Risks Workshop held by MAPFRE in Bogotá.

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“At the forefront through specialization” was the motto of this productive meeting, the most important for the Major Risks business, organized by MAPFRE in the LATAM South region. On

Risks Engineering

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Technical Capacity, Ongoing Training, and Interpersonal Relationships: the Basis for Excellence in the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS Engineering Area The objective? To provide knowledge about insurable risk to the underwriting teams and offer their

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Reports and documents of the sector

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