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MAPFRE participates in the 2nd edition of the AGERS conferences in the Basque Country

David Corredor, Director of Global Business at MAPFRE IBERIA, took part in the second edition of the Conference of the Spanish Association of Risk and Insurance Management (AGERS) held on October 17 in Bilbao, with a presentation on the importance of risk directors within companies.


The AGERS Conference is an annual forum that the Association has been organizing for 30 years in different cities. This year, the Conference brought together around 200 professionals from the risk management sector to address the main issues that will affect risks at organizations in the coming years.


“In a globalized world, where everything happens in a disruptive way, it is essential for all companies to have the ability to identify risks, analyze them, and know how to make decisions to minimize their impact,” said David Corredor.


With his presentation, David created a space for reflection in which participants debated the relevance of this figure in an increasingly uncertain scenario, as well as the proper planning, management, and control of risks arising from business activity. During the forum, David Corredor also recalled MAPFRE’s relationship with AGERS, which began almost three decades ago and has since been very productive for both organizations.


In fact, the Association recently appointed Alfredo Arán, General Manager of Global Business and Brokers of MAPFRE IBERIA and of Iberia Regions and Markets at MAPFRE Global Risks, to its advisory board.

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