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Key points to respond effectively to the Oil & Gas companies

Juan José de la Colina, director of Energy and Construction at MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, exposes in an article prepared for the last issue of the magazine Energía 16 the keys to respond effectively to the oil and gas companies in the uncertain market environment and in view of the increasing amount and sophistication of risks that these corporations must face.

Having presence in more than 100 countries and a specialized team, offering a quality after-sales service, being able to work “in situ” with the companies of the industry, visit the risks and offer continuous advice, are some of the differentiating factors that the manager highlights in the management of our company to meet efficiently the needs of the corporate clients in the sector.

“It is essential to know first-hand the safety and operations standards that they implement in their risks. The best investment is the one that guarantees the continuity of the business, and we bet for it “, explains Juan José de la Colina.

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