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“It is very important to invest a lot of time in getting to know the market and training yourself,” Alfredo Arán

Alfredo Arán, who served as General Manager of Global Business at MAPFRE IBERIA until last June 30, participated in the last “Alumni Talks” organized by AGERS and entitled “Risk management in companies. Past, present and future,” in which he shared his impressions regarding the evolution of risk management, and the challenges of risk managers for the future.

Alfredo Arán is a leader in the risk management and insurance sectors. Following his recent retirement, Alfredo left his position as General Director of Global Business at MAPFRE IBERIA, but remains active, serving as member of the Board of Directors of MAPFRE Global Risks, and as Chairman of the Advisory Board of AGERS (Spanish Association of Risk and Insurance Management).

With a very long and intense career in the sector, Alfredo was interviewed by Mario Ramírez, Risk and Assets Manager of Exolum and 1st Vice President of AGERS, in the latest “Alumni Talks,” an activity that the Association organizes exclusively for AGERS Associates and Alumni.

During the talk, Alfredo shared his impressions on new risks, such as cyber risks, or the pandemic, future challenges for risk management, as well as his knowledge and experiences after working in the sector for so many years.

Common sense is very important in risk management. You have to know the risks well, know your market very well, know your company very well, where the risks can come from… (…) It is very important to invest a lot of time in getting to know the market and training yourself,” said Alfredo during the talk.

We invite you to watch the video of the interview to get to know his impressions about these topics and more market trends.

About AGERS:

AGERS is a non-profit organization, whose purpose, mission and objectives defined in its Bylaws pivot around the disciplines of Risk Management and focus on the improvement and dissemination of experiences, regulations, new developments, best practices, tools and mechanisms for their implementation in the business environment and, in general, in any public or private organization for the ultimate purpose of integrating these methodologies into the organizations’ global management system through Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

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