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Innovation is essential to being relevant in the current situation

MAPFRE’s Disruptive Innovation Area Manager, Josep Celaya, participated in Munich in the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA), one of the most important must-see events on Insurtech. At this year’s event, over 60 Insurtechs and 90 companies took part, addressing innovation from different perspectives and sales areas.

Josep Celaya’s participation is part of MAPFRE’s commitment to approaching the top experts and startups in the sector, in line with the new open Insur-space innovation platform, designed to promote collaboration among the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, institutions related to innovation, and MAPFRE.

In his presentation at the event, Josep Celaya took a detailed look at the new platforms and ecosystems that are arising in the new technological environment and the surge of Insurtech. He also referred to the company’s backing of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), which are starting to operate as platforms, helping them build an effective company-client interface and offering consulting services when needed.

According to Celaya, the critical factors for prospering in these new environments include efficient technology, a focus on strategic support, better time-to-market (the time between proposing an idea and launching it on the market) and open innovation systems created to provide Insurtech to the end consumers.  The role of Insurtech in the development of emerging ecosystems and platforms is pushing traditionalists to strengthen their commitment and innovate to continue to be competitive in the market. How? By creating open the innovation systems already mentioned.

 “I believe that technology platforms are becoming distributors, but if insurance companies are able to generate importance, they will be relevant in the market.”

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