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MAPFRE Jornadas Internacionales Global Risks 2024

The 29th Edition of MAPFRE’s International Global Risks Seminar comes to a close

MAPFRE Vice President José Manuel Inchausti and the Mayor of Málaga close the 29th edition of the MAPFRE Global Risks International Seminar

The Global Risks insurance industry is facing a “challenging” moment due to the numerous opportunities offered by the many changes that are taking place in all areas. In this environment, knowledge and the ability to anticipate are indispensable in a field such as Global Risks, which represents a significant part of MAPFRE’s annual premiums, according to José Manuel Inchausti, vice president of MAPFRE, during the closing ceremony of the 29th edition of the MAPFRE Global Risks International Seminar, together with the mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre.

During his speech, José Manuel Inchausti highlighted that MAPFRE Global Risks insures more than 2,500 companies worldwide, “a figure that might seem low but which is greatly increased when we reveal that the vast majority of our customers are the top companies in their respective industries, not only in their countries of origin, but many of them are also leaders or are in leading positions at a global level.”

He also stressed that the high level of specialization of this unit makes MAPFRE the only Spanish insurer that can accompany a business risk anywhere in the world with its insurance. “It is its elite unit capable of solving the most demanding underwriting needs you can throw at us,” he said.

José Manuel Inchausti recalled that MAPFRE’s relationship with these types of Global Risk clients is long-standing: “We are backed by a well-known track record, supported by facts, always fulfilling all our commitments and providing the necessary peace of mind so that these companies can concentrate on developing their businesses. It is a unit that executes very well the ‘obsession’ that we have at MAPFRE for quality service.”

In addition, during this seminar, the International Award for Excellence in Risk Management was presented to Telefónica, a distinction that, in its fourth edition, recognizes the company that has developed the best work in risk management, both in terms of its policies and the culture implemented in the company to show continual improvement in preventing, protecting and managing risks. The award, which aims to become a benchmark recognition within the Global Risks insurance industry, was received by Augusto Pérez Arbizu, risk manager of Telefónica, from Eduardo Pérez de Lema, Chairman of MAPFRE Global Risks. [Don’t miss the interview he gave us coming up]

Bosco Francoy, CEO of MAPFRE Global Risks, opened this discussion forum, in which, under the slogan Opportunities of today’s Revolution, nearly 500 risk managers from more than 25 countries around the world analyzed the immediate and medium-term challenges facing the industry. For three days, Málaga has become the international epicenter of the insurance business and risk management during this seminar that takes place every two years and is already a global benchmark for managing Global Risks.

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