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Outlook on the Brazilian large risks market

In these video interviews carried out as part of Expo ABGR 2019, executives from MAPFRE Global Risks and MAPFRE Brazil shared their opinions on the state of the Brazilian large risks market, the challenges and opportunities with regard to coordinating and boosting business in their respective areas of responsibility, and MAPFRE’s strengths to be a leader in the region’s business.

Paola Serrano, CRMO LATAM and International at MAPFRE Global Risks:

“Brazil is a fundamental country for MAPFRE, and our objective in the area of large risk insurance for large corporations is to make it the most important country for MAPFRE Global Risks.”

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José Antonio Ruibal, CUO at MAPFRE Global Risks:

“For MAPFRE, having a local team that understands and leads the market is a strong point that we must make full use of.”

César López, head of the Engineering division at MAPFRE Global Risks:

“The Global Risks Engineering division brings two key aspects to the Brazilian large risks field: all the experience we accumulate from our activity worldwide and also from the local market. We offer value-added services while performing an ongoing analysis of the insured risks, sharing the results with our clients and devising strategies for improvement.”

Jonson Marques de Sousa, Technical Director of Business at MAPFRE Brazil:

“The experience we have gained from underwriting, engineering, products, and local and international operations make MAPFRE the leading player in the Brazilian market. This brings with it the responsibility to continue making investments and maintaining close relationships with our clients and brokers to keep our finger on the pulse of the market’s needs.”

The Expo ABGR 2019 and the 13th ABGR International Seminar are events organized by the Brazilian Association of Risk Management. The 2019 event was held on the 12th and 13th in São Paulo. MAPFRE, the official sponsor and insurer of the event, has been an active participant in the discussions on the sector thanks to the sharing of experiences of its executives.

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