Risks Engineering

Technical Capacity, Ongoing Training, and Interpersonal Relationships: the Basis for Excellence in the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS Engineering Area

The objective? To provide knowledge about insurable risk to the underwriting teams and offer their clients valuable technical advice

The MAPFRE Global Risks Engineering Area has a team of specialists with over 30 years of experience in complex risk analysis for industrial and construction businesses.

César López, head of the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS Engineering Area, explains the importance of Risk Engineering in the field of global risk underwriting, given its incredible complexity and diversity, in this video interview.

A highly qualified team of specialists carries out risk inspection and verification for the business unit on the ground and at the global level, with two objectives: provide knowledge about insurable risk to the company’s Underwriting Teams and create added value for clients with high-quality technical advice.

The presence of specialists on site in the countries with the greatest importance for the MAPFRE Group allows the team to operate with a glocal” strategy, i.e., combining global methods and criteria with local knowledge and specificity. Interpersonal relationships and ongoing training for engineers, always focused on innovation, are the foundations for this team of specialists that make MAPFRE Global Risks a benchmark of Risk Engineering.

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