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Quality and added value, pillars of the MAPFRE Global Risks Engineering Services

Óscar Estrada, head of the MAPFRE Global Risks Engineering Services department, talks in this article about the pillars on which the Services Catalog is based for the Engineering Area in the MAPFRE Major Risks Unit, a proposal created to provide quality and added value in the service offered by MGR to its clients.

One of the primary value propositions at MAPFRE Global Risks are the Engineering Area’s services. In addition to intense collaboration to support underwriting processes, this Area has produced a new Service Catalog focused especially on our strategic clients for whom MAPFRE leads their insurance program and the added value proposition of the Engineering services complements the insurance offering.

This action reaffirms MAPFRE’s commitment to establishing long-term relationships, through consultancy and planning improvement actions.

Along that line, Engineering Services are being proposed with a double objective: to develop action plans that improve the current qualities of risks and to incorporate other actions that help our clients in the continuous improvement of protection against their most relevant risks.

The proposal includes two of the most important values in the Engineering Area: the experience accumulated by this Area over thirty years of visiting, getting to know, and helping our clients solve problems and a network of engineers capable of responding in all regions of Latin America and Iberia, where the idea is that our knowledge, our expertise, “moves” freely. These two areas provide two-way value, one for our clients by improving their risks and another for MAPFRE Global Risks as it helps us conduct more efficient risk management.

“The Engineering Services Catalog was developed through an exhaustive, careful, and comprehensive study. With it, MAPFRE Global Risks seeks to create an offer of added value services for its clients, an essential and differentiating complement to our insurance offering.”

A global, transversal network

As I said before, one of our strengths is that MAPFRE Global Risks has a network of engineers who are capable of responding anywhere in Latin America with excellent results. Having local teams distributed in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia enables MAPFRE Global Risks to work very closely with local clients.

We also have a series of protocols and mechanisms that enable our engineers to work on transversal projects. For example, a specialist from Mexico can participate to resolve an incident for a risk located in Spain and vice versa. This enables our expertise to move freely across borders.

The MGR proposal: vocation for service

Our proposal, which is different for each client, is based on leveraging our vocation for service. We want to create value, which requires a relationship of trust with our clients.

We aim to bring about the best interaction experience at the technical level. That is why we have put together teams that, in addition to Engineering, are represented by other Areas in the company, such as Underwriting and Claims, offering our clients assistance in different areas. Clients are always the focus.

“MAPFRE Global Risks has a network of engineers who are capable of responding anywhere in Latin America.”

A “living” catalog, tailored to the client

Our Engineering Area Service Catalog was put together based on the clients’ needs and expectations with benefits always focused on continual improvement. To that end, we have applied innovation processes based on the Design Thinking methodology with surveys and interviews conducted by our engineers in both Latin America and Spain. And from their collaboration, a selection was made of the products and services in which we have identified that MAPFRE Global Risks could create more value.

Additionally, it is important to highlight that it is a “living” catalog of services, which will constantly evolve with other new services based on demand. In fact, there are currently several service projects that, in the short term, will be included in the catalog to meet other aspects requested by the clients, such as those related to electrical risk and support for the construction sector.

The key pillars of the Engineering Service

Our Catalog is based on four important pillars: Control, Culture and Training, Consultancy, and the Cutting-Edge.

Control. Our products and services include the role of the Accounts Engineer. The Accounts Engineer is a senior engineer designated by MAPFRE Global Risks to provide support for strategic clients, a contact person with the knowledge and all the available tools who centralizes management of interactions with them at the technical level. The Accounts Engineer participates actively in identifying client needs, contributing to designing new products and services.

Culture and Training. This second block focuses on transferring knowledge. Our company has professionals qualified in the area of training and communication, whether in-person, online, or a hybrid. To date, the most requested content has been related to risk management and lessons learned from incidents. Our greatest asset is the accumulated experience of our Area engineers, and it will be made available to our clients to generate a new and more efficient communication dynamic with them.

Consultancy. This pillar brings together a group of services designed to strengthen specific aspects of risk management to resolve specific problems for clients, such as reviewing a fire protection project or, for example, a stress test for an emergency response plan. In this group of services, due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, at MAPFRE Global Risks we have designed a heat graph diagnostics center. So our clients can send us their heat graph images and our expert will cross-check them jointly with the clients online.

The Cutting-Edge. To provide the best response, MAPFRE Global Risks has created a list of trusted providers. These providers would be activated for cases that are so specialized that they could exceed the area’s capabilities to always guarantee the highest quality of service to our clients.

The Engineering Services Catalog was developed through an exhaustive, careful and comprehensive study. With it, MAPFRE Global Risks seeks to create an offer of added value services for its clients, an essential and differentiating complement to our insurance offering.


Óscar EstradaHead of the Engineering Services Department at MAPFRE Global Risks

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences and in Education Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Óscar Estrada has over 17 years of experience in Risk Engineering. He began working at MAPFRE as a Senior Manager for ITSEMAP Risk Control, Engineering Services, managing the Environmental and Industrial Risks Department. He continued his career transferring to Santiago de Chile, where he headed the Latam South team for five years. Since 2020, he has been the head of the Engineering Services department at MAPFRE Global Risks, responsible for managing the team that makes up the area.






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