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ACCIONA: How do we install a wind turbine?

In this timelapse you can see the excavation works, the foundation, the assembly of towers, and the rise of nacelle and blades of a wind turbine at the El Cortijo wind farm in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Discover in 2 minutes in this video produced by ACCIONA, how the installation of a wind turbine is carried out, in this case at El Cortijo wind farm in Mexico. ACCIONA has completed this process 61 times, as many as wind turbines make up the installation.

Located 40 kilometers south of Reynosa, it features 61 AW125/3000 wind turbines of Nordex Acciona Windpower technology. Once in service, it will generate enough clean energy to meet the power demand of 458,000 Mexican homes, avoiding the emission of over 429 thousand tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere annually.

For more details: https://www.acciona-energia.com/es/

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