The Oil & Gas Industry, an Analysis of the Situation, Demand, and Outlooks

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The industry’s progress involves issues like the use of unconventional drilling techniques such as fracking, the introduction of digitalization in processes, and the adaptation to the gradual penetration of biofuels. On November 30, the

Interview with Emilio Carreño, Director of the National Seismic Network

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“Earthquakes cannot be predicted, here or anywhere else in the world.” After completing his studies in Physical Science at the Complutense University of Madrid, Emilio Carreño began working at geophysics companies related to insurance

MAPFRE generates an operating surplus of 702 million euros in 2018 and maintains the dividend

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2018 profits total 529 million euros HIGHLIGHTS OF THE FISCAL YEAR Total revenue reaches 26.6 billion euros, and premiums exceed 22.54 billion euros. The impact of currency depreciations on premiums

CEPREVEN, educating and raising awareness, the foundation of accident prevention

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From its founding 43 years ago, the Association for Research on the Safety of Life and Property, Cepreven, has been dedicated to research on accident prevention so that this information can then be passed

Events of the sector

Each year a lot of activities, fairs and events take place in different parts of the globe, in which it many relevant aspects for the industry are defined, and whereby new solutions and trends are discussed.

Reports and documents of the sector

Reports and documents of the sector

Access the latest studies and reports prepared by the MAPFRE Studies Service and a selection of documents on the extensive repository of the Fundación MAPFRE Documentation Center.

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