Graphene, the material of the future

26-03-2019|Articles|0 Comments

Graphene, the first man-made two-dimensional material, is expected to transform different industries, from energy to electronics, including the fields of biomedicine and aerospace, as it has a number of qualities that make it unique

Maryam Golnaraghi, Director of Extreme Events and Climate Risks of The Geneva Association

11-04-2019|Interviews|0 Comments

“The insurance industry is contributing significantly to building socio-economic resilience to extreme events and climate risks.” According to the United Nations, close to 62 million people were affected by extreme weather events in 2018.

Economic Research presents the MAPFRE GIP INDEX, the first global indicator that will measure the insurance potential of the world’s different markets

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The insurance potential index involves the analysis of 96 insurance markets (both developed and emerging). It involves practically all insurance premiums issued globally, and will be updated and issued on an annual basis by

How drone technologies will support MAPFRE to improve data driven decision

01-03-2019|Risks Engineering|0 Comments

Drones and advanced image data analytics are highly valuable for risks management and mitigation processes in mining environment for insurance companies but can also be replicate to other industries such as oil and gas,

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Reports and documents of the sector

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