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MAPFRE Global Risks in the Latin American Conference of Natural Resources in Buenos Aires and in the Brazilian Energy Conference of Willis Towers Watson

MAPFRE Global Risks
On November 6 and 7 took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Latin American Conference of Natural Resources, and subsequently, on November 9,  it was held the Brazilian Energy Conference in Rio de Janeiro, both organized by Willis Towers Watson.
The director of Energy and Construction of the Global Risks Unit of MAPFRE, Juan José de la Colina participated in both meetings, which are organized on a biennial basis. The purpose of both events is to address the different challenges that the region faces in the technical and business aspects of the Oil & Gas sector. The Mining and Power sectors have been added in the last edition.
About 130 delegates, including clients from the sector and local companies, shared information and knowledge and discussed the main issues of concern in the field, including cyber risks, captives and corporate security, not only in terms of protection of their risks but also to their employees. The discussions also focused on Flood risks, in order to assess the market reaction and its evolution. Likewise, the participants addressed other issues that occupy most of the companies in this industry, such as the process of decommissioning of platforms and the risks that this entails, considering that the disarmament of more than 750 platforms worldwide is expected.
The speeches, of great technical content, aroused great interest among the attendees. Juan Jose de la Colina participated in the meeting in Brazil in a Downstream Panel Discussion, in which the market situation and its response as well as the future perspective were analyzed. According to Juan Jose, one of the recurrent topics at both meetings was the strong awareness that customers show in relation to cyber risks, fact in stark contrasts with the sector's limited solution for this.
During the conferences, there were other talks of general interest on captives and Liability. The insufficiency of premiums and limits in Latin America was also discussed. Other presentations and discussion panels were held on the risk of public-private partnership and its effect on the energy industry, on safety as a key factor for sustainable business development, on personal and asset security and on changes in the Argentine laws and regulations.
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