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Major Risks Seminar in Mexico

MAPFRE Global Risks
On October the 13th, the Major Risks Seminar was held in Mexico by MAPFRE.
In this event, they talked about the current tendencies about the Insurance Industry in cyber risks, transports and civil works in Latin America
The session had the participation of Bosco Francoy, Chief Operating Officer of MAPFRE Global Risks, who made a presentation analyzing the exceptional situation that catastrophic events are generating this year and the impact they are having on the direct insurance and reinsurance market.
During the sessions, some discussions took place about the difficulty to predict what is going to happen in 2018. However, the extension of a soft market environment combined with the impact of recent natural disasters on (re) insurers will lead to a rise in premiums. On the other hand, not only some market players will suffer, but also alternative capital that has offered their solutions during these years.
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