The shipping industry is the supporting structure for the transportation of goods and business operations globally. In a world in which everything depends on the interdependency of management systems and markets and the international nature of products and services, effective maritime communications are essential.

The shipbuilding industry must specifically design and produce the vessels. It must manufacture and integrate systems and equipment on board as well handling maintenance and modernization during the whole life cycle of a vessel.

For these reasons, shipbuilding plays an important role in the industrial processes related to maritime operations. Whether through the construction of jetties, docks or ports, the shipbuilding sector is growing and the companies in this field cannot overlook the smallest details.

MAPFRE Global Risks offers direct advice from a team with in-depth knowledge on specialized insurance solutions, risk reduction and the management of legal rights and obligations.

Companies involved in shipbuilding are exposed to multiple risks and need a tool that can respond effectively by providing solutions for contractual liabilities, both marine and non-marine.

Our group of experts can provide tailored analysis of the needs of each client and provide responses that combine a quality insurance solution, effective risk management and immediate legal assistance for those working in and out of the water.

MAPFRE Global Risks is set up to respond on behalf of professional builders that have to regularly transport equipment, tools and supplies to and from their place of work. Our objective is to provide both valuable information and agile and flexible answers for our clients when required in order to make the business activity not only easier but also safer and more efficient.