Iron and Steel

Iron and Steel

The iron, steel and metalworking industry is one of the pillars of the manufacturing sector. Its development has had a central role in industrial progress and today´s societies as it is an indispensable requisite of modern times.  Its influence is present in many things that we use on a daily basis, such as: bridges, railways, rails, ships, vehicles, all types of machinery, power plants, airports, etc. The steel industry encompasses transportation and locomotion through to shipbuilding, heavy and light machinery …

These sectors depend directly  on the availability and the state of the steel industry and, as the industrialisation engine, it is the backbone of other industries in which it has an instrumental presence.

The main materials used in the steel making processes are minerals, iron, fuels such as coal, limestone, dolomite, silica, refractory materials, manganese, nickel and tungsten, amongst others. Also, the recycling of materials is very common and this reduces the impact on the environment. The industrial processes are considerably dependent on water and electricity and it is the sector with the second highest energy demands.

In view of its importance for world development and national economies, it is necessary that the companies operating in this sector carry out their operations in optimum conditions that encompass safety, economy and efficiency of resources and constant updating of the analysis in this field, in order to take correct action in both financial and environmental terms.

Safety, efficiency and sustainable development of the industry are essential aspects for MAPFRE Global Risks and, for this reason, we offer our clients a team with exceptional knowledge of the sector and broad experience that can provide tailor made global insurance programmes for the largest corporations.